Placement and/or Credit in Foreign Language Courses

Students who have taken three or more years of a language in high school and received an 85 or higher on the Regents should not take that language in a 101 section unless there has been a gap of two years or more of language study. Depending on their skills, the proper placement is 102 or 201. Answers to further questions about placement can be found on the RCC Foreign Language website.

Students from Hebrew Day Schools should not take Hebrew 101. They should enroll in Hebrew 102 or Hebrew 201, depending on their skills. Students interested in levels of Hebrew higher than Hebrew 201 can take Hebrew 202 when it is offered. If Hebrew 202 is not being offered, they must speak with the foreign language coordinator to discuss other possibilities to fulfill their language requirement.

As with all foreign language study, one year of the chosen language is strongly recommended. Most senior colleges will not accept a single semester as fulfillment of a degree requirement and require proficiency through the intermediate level.

Advanced independent study (274) is available to students beyond the intermediate level, when an instructor is available.

M/TS students from Hebrew Day Schools may not take Hebrew 101. M/TS students must take a year of foreign language to receive the Honors degree, and these courses cannot be taken pass/fail except through CLEP.

CLEP scores that are in the Language Elementary 101 and Elementary 102 range will be used for placement, not credit. Scores that equal Intermediate 201 will be awarded 4-credits. Scores that equal Intermediate 202 will be awarded 8-credits. CLEP exams are offered in French, German, and Spanish.

A score of 4 on an AP Foreign Language examination is accepted for Intermediate 201 (4-credits).

A score of 5 on the AP is accepted for Intermediate 201 and Intermediate 202 (a total of 8 credits).

A grade of C or higher on the Intermediate level SUNY Albany language course given in high school is accepted for Intermediate SPA 201 (4 credits).

Altogether, a total of no more than 8 credits may be received through CLEP, AP or the Intermediate level SUNY Albany language.

Credit for prior learning is no longer given at Rockland Community College in Foreign Languages.