RCC Employee Development Microcredentials

Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Rockland Community College is committed to sustaining our position as a competitive college through the purposeful selection, and ongoing development, of our internal talent in support of our mission and goals. As the higher education environment continues to evolve, continued learning is not only an expectation for our students, but also for our faculty and staff. As a learning organization, the college provides opportunities for career development, supporting our employees goals for professional and personal growth. Employee development programs are a strategic tool for our continued growth to stay well informed of industry practices, productivity and ability to retain valuable employees.

Explore Employee Opportunities

Step 1

Sign up for the microcredential courses/workshops through the appropriate department and fully meet the requirements of the courses/workshop and assessment outcomes identified for the courses/workshops.

Step 2

At the time you are attending the course, please complete the RCC Employee Development Microcredential Verification Form.

Step 3

At the end of each semester, the Academic and Career Strategies Office will validate you meeting the requirements for the course, workshop, and microcredential through attendance and the identified outcomes assessment. Upon validation and meeting the full requirements of the course, workshop, or microcredential, a digital badge will be issued to you through your sunyrockland email. Any discrepancy of the employee completing the requirements for the microcredential will be reviewed by the Academic and Career Strategies Office, the department offering the courses/workshops, and Human Resources.