Student Success Microcredentials

It is important that students are ready for the challenges of the modern workplace. We offer over 20 workshops and four microcredentials for you to acquire college-readiness skills and learn or re-fresh your employability skills.  Pave the path to your future by learning new skills to grow your career. Workshops are offered to registered student at no additional cost. Watch your RCC email for workshop schedule announcements.

The student is required to complete a Verification Form upon completion of the courses required to meet the microcredential or skills. The Academic and Career Strategies Department will verify all requirements are met for the microcredential or skills badge and then a digital badge will be issued. Digital badges will only be awarded to students who are in good standing at the College.

Explore Student Success Opportunities

Step 1:

Sign up for the microcredential courses/workshops through the appropriate department and fully meet the requirements of the courses/workshop and assessment outcomes identified for the courses/workshops.

Step 2:

As soon as you complete the course, fill out the Student Success Microcredential Verification Form.

Step 3:

At the end of each semester, the Academic and Career Strategies Office will validate you meeting the requirements for the course, workshop, and microcredential through attendance and the identified outcomes assessment. Upon validation and meeting the full requirements of the course, workshop, or microcredential, a digital badge will be issued to you through your sunyrockland email. Any discrepancy of the student completing the requirements for the microcredential will be reviewed by the Academic and Career Strategies Office, the Student Success Department offering the courses/workshops, and the Instructor.