From Industry to Instructor: Teaching for Professionals

The From Industry to Instructor: Teaching for Professionals program is designed for professionals interested in teaching one or more college-level courses. We welcome residents with knowledge and skills acquired over years in industry, such as scientists, IT/cyber security professionals, lawyers, doctors, nurses, journalists, linguists, and business people, employed or retired, who are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills with our students. You can help our students become real world ready by sharing your professional expertise and experience.

We welcome interest in all areas of study at the College. However, we have a strong need for part-time instructors in Cyber Security, Math, Business, Nursing, Biology, English, and World Languages, especially Italian.

Instructors who teach one or more college-level courses are called adjunct faculty and are members of a collective bargaining unit at the College. Adjunct faculty members are part-time, contract-based instructors. Part-time instructors in workforce credential courses are hourly employees. Both types of instructors have the ability to create flexible schedules during the fall, spring, summer, or winter semesters (based on availability).

Watch the video recording of the Information Session held on January 17, 2023.

The deadline to apply to the From Industry to Instructor: Teaching for Professionals program has passed. Thank you for your interest.

Program Information

The second offering of the From Industry to Instructor: Teaching for Professionals program will occur during spring 2023.

Participants in the From Industry to Instructor program will receive valuable information about key members of the College community, student life, and teaching and learning techniques that make it easier for them to adjust to teaching a college-level course at Rockland Community College.

The program consists of four mandatory sessions. Each session will run approximately 90 minutes.

There is no cost for participation in the program.


Contact Dr. Beatrice Bridglall, Special Assistant to the Officer in Charge
Phone: 845-574-4735 | Email: [email protected]

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Mandatory Sessions

The mandatory courses will be held on RCC’s Suffern Campus (see map and directions) in the Student Union, Room 3214 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm on:

This session (1) defines the rewarding role of a part-time instructor including the successes, challenges, and misconceptions; and (2) provides an overview of Rockland Community College (RCC) as an anchor institution in the community.

RCC is committed to offering a safe and supportive learning environment for thousands of students from all walks of life. In this session, current students discuss their academic journeys and how RCC faculty motivate and inspire them through their teaching.  Participants gain a better understanding of our student population by learning about their demographic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Designed to offer practical guidance for prospective adjuncts, this session covers key aspects of teaching relevant to part-time faculty. Participants learn important concepts regarding course preparation and delivery, including instructional responsibilities, classroom management, student-centered teaching methods and strategies, teaching with technology, and communication and professionalism.

This session offers participants an opportunity to apply their knowledge, professional experience, and new teaching skills in a classroom setting.

  • Develop and deliver a brief student-centered lesson
  • Observe fellow adjunct candidates and provide feedback
  • Reflect on their own teaching

Relevant Provisions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Rockland Community College Adjunct Faculty Association

Participation in From Industry to Instructor: Teaching for Professionals does not guarantee employment as an instructor. Participants who meet the minimum employment requirements should apply for any open positions as part-time or adjunct instructors at the College. Applicants for part-time or adjunct positions must meet the credential standards set forth in the collective bargaining agreement of the Rockland Community College Adjunct Faculty Association. Additionally, courses are assigned based on seniority. Read the full collective bargaining agreement with the Rockland Community College Adjunct Faculty Association.

Article VIII, section 8 addresses how courses are assigned. Article VIII, section 10 addresses required credentials.

8. Course Assignment

Priority in course assignments shall be granted to members of the bargaining unit based on semesters taught within the discipline, i.e., subject matter, at the College. Nothing herein shall be construed or applied in such a way as to deprive the College of the right to bypass seniority in course assignments and to hire from outside the College in unusual circumstances when a particular expertise or specialization is needed and not available in the current unit member faculty. In such a case the College will notify the RCCAFA President in writing.


  1. Primary Competency. Adjunct faculty must possess a Master’s degree or higher in their area of expertise except for career and technical education programs wherein with the approval of the Program Director and Chief Academic Officer a specific career and technical credential, certification or Associate degree widely recognized as proof of qualification may suffice.
  2. Secondary Competency. Adjunct faculty shall be deemed qualified to teach in a discipline, i.e., subject matter, other than their primary area of expertise, if they obtain prior written approval from both the Chief Academic Officer and the School Dean responsible for the subject matter in question, and they meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Earned a minimum of 12 graduate credits in the secondary subject matter discipline.
    2. Have five years of prior documented teaching and/or work experience in the secondary subject matter discipline.
    3. Earned a specific career and technical credential, certification or degree widely recognized as proof of qualification in the secondary subject matter discipline.
  3. Professional Experience Exception. Individuals with documented professional/life experience may be deemed qualified as adjuncts in their area of expertise subject to the discretion and approval of the Program Director and the Chief Academic Officer.

Who We Are

Rockland Community College, State University of New York, is the only public higher education institution in Rockland County. It has served as an educational resource for Rockland since 1959, offering small classes, personal attention, and caring faculty. The College offers 50 programs in the humanities, social sciences, arts, technologies, business, health professions, mathematics, and sciences, including 40 associate’s degrees and 10 one-year certificate programs. The College also offers workforce credential programs that provide opportunities to gain industry-specific certificates or transfer into degree-seeking programs.

Enrollment of about 6,000 full- and part-time students includes 20 international students and more than 1,000 students over 25 years old. RCC is also home to about 70 veteran students each year. Small classes, taught by nurturing, experienced faculty, help ensure student success.

The College’s faculty is comprised of about 100 full-time and 300 part-time members including numerous Fulbright Scholars, SUNY Chancellor’s Award winners, published authors and artists. Average class size of 22 allows faculty members to work one-on-one with students.

In addition to the main campus in Suffern, the College operates a center in Haverstraw, the Herbert Kurz Automotive Technology Center in Orangeburg and the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center in Nyack.

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