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Earth Day 2021

April 22

two students painting Earth Day banner

Join Us in Celebrating Earth Day!

RCC’s Earth Day Committee invites all students, faculty and staff to join in a virtually celebrating Earth Day. On this page, you’ll learn about what you can do to help protect our planet and about activities and happenings on campus and in the community. Visit the official Earth Day site for more information about the global movement. Watch a short video made by one of our students.
Earth Day at RCC

2021 Student Earth Day Poetry Content Winner – Kellen Perez

Kellen Perez is a Liberal Arts & Science: Humanities & Social Science major with aspirations of going to law school and possibly pursuing a PhD. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, finding new genres of music and reading critical theory. Kellen recently participated in the Word of Mouth Reading series as a part of the Unity in Community Festival. His poem, “Plant the Seed and Tell the Others” below was selected as the winning entry for the Earth Day 2021 Poetry Contest.

Plant the Seed and Tell the Others

light bulbWe pollute faster than we recoup
and we spend all the un-spendables.
The children of the Earth who don’t grow too old
tell the rest they’re being too bold.

Since when did the dependables become the generals
in the fight to protect our Mother Earth
where we were all birthed.

Our actions are reprehensible
and even more so indefensible.
We need to take a step back and look around
at what we’ve condemned our children to fix
unless they’d rather drown.
Drown in debt.
Drown in rising sea levels.
Drown in the trouble of being born.

But a bright new solstice in our history is possible and approaching.
A human condition and system
that shakes off the eternal cold winter
threatening to wilt and wither
any hope of future growth.

Those that want to be the hope
will usher in a bright, nurturing new summer.
A fresh start free from surrender.
The people will refuse to be the herd
and demand to be heard.
Nature and man will flourish in a renewed symbiosis
a tradition long forgotten
we need to choose as our renewed focus.

Village Vegan

Throughout the Village of Nyack, local restaurants, bakeries, food establishments, and the farmers market will be offering vegan options for customers to enjoy on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Earth Day is a good day to increase awareness of environmental problems and a great opportunity to discover plant based culinary potential. View the flyer for a list of participating vendors. Contact Chris Spezial at [email protected] for more information.

Faculty Presentations

“Magic of Mushrooms” with Professor Jeff McLean

Professor McLean discusses the potential of fungi to provide alternative and sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing personal and environmental problems.

“Electric Cars Can Reduce Air Pollution” with Professor Steven Carroll

Transportation takes a toll on the air quality of this plant and electric cars can be a way to reduce the pollution. Watch Professor Steven Carroll’s video about his TESLA.

Around the Community

Here are links to sites related to protecting and experiencing the environment in the community.
Bear Mountain Bridge and Hudson River with fall foliage

Recycling – How to do your part!

View these recycling videos on YouTube to learn more about recycling various materials.

masks made from recycled cardboard

Outlook Student Press Special Edition

In honor of Earth Day, the staff at Outlook, RCC’s student newspaper, created a special edition. Many thanks to the talented and dedicated students who created this special edition and to their faculty advisor, Professor Kris Dougherty.

Read the Outlook Special Edition

Other Resources

Green Architecture
Study the fields of green building and design so we can demand a better way of living in the world.

Earth Day Committee

Co Chairs: Khader Humied and Katherine Copp Brown
Members: Allison Arias (student), Meghan Nolan, Sara Annunziato, Jeff McClean, Steve Caroll, Kristian Dougherty, Don Iannucci, Patricia Szobonya, Adessa Butler, Joseph Migliaccio, Anne Marie Zamor (student)


April 22