The Emergency Fund at RCC

Rockland Community College recently announced a partnership with Edquity — a new service that helps college students find on and off-campus resources and enables them to apply for emergency aid all in one app.

Thanks to The Edquity Project Fund, students enrolled full-time and students who plan to go full-time who are in need of emergency aid, such as funding for housing or food, can apply for $250 of aid TODAY! Everyone’s situation is different, and we want to ensure that those who are in need of the most assistance can get it.

Remember that these funds are limited and are available for emergencies once per academic year, so be sure to apply when you have exhausted all other resources.

Download the Edquity app today on your iPhone or Android device, or apply for funds directly at app.edquity.co!

Here’s how you can use the Edquity app today:

  • Apply for emergency aid. In 15 minutes or less, you can use the Edquity app to answer basic questions about your financial needs and apply for emergency funding. Once your application is complete, students who’ve been approved will receive grants — not loans — in 48 hours or less.
    screenshot of financial challenges question on the Edquity app
  • Discover resources on or near campus. From medical care to food pantries, the Edquity app includes a visual map and detailed information about dozens of resources on and off campus to help meet your basic needs.
    resources screenshot from the Edquity app

Questions? Contact [email protected] with any questions and an Edquity student success representative will get in touch right away. 

Rockland Community College FAQ

The Edquity app offers a holistic approach to both preempt and support financial emergencies you might be facing while trying to balance meeting your rent payment, paying for textbooks and tuition, and affording food. In addition to the Rockland Community College  Emergency Funds application, the Edquity app also includes a “Yelp for emergency resources” to help you find emergency resources in times of crisis.

You can find the Edquity app in the App store, Google Play or apply for emergency funds online. Simply download the app or head on over to the website and follow the instructions on how to get started.

When creating your Edquity account, be sure to select Rockland Community College as the school you attend in order to access our Emergency Funds application in the “Funds” tab of the mobile app. The application for funds shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to fill out. You don’t have to worry about writing answers or finding references. The only thing you need is your official student ID.

We’re glad you asked! There are some eligibility requirements that you should know about:

  • You must be a full-time student or a student planning to go full-time, enrolled at Rockland Community College.
  • You can apply once per academic term.
  • You must have a valid student ID.
  • You can apply regardless of your U.S. citizenship status.

Within 24 hours of completing the emergency funds application within the Edquity tool, you will be notified if your application was approved or denied via the email you used when signing up. You can also log into the Edquity app to check for updates about your application.

At Edquity, we want to make sure students in need of emergency support have the funds and resources they need as soon as possible. To do so, we’ve worked with Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Edquity’s Chief Strategy Officer and the nation’s leading researcher on basic needs challenges and emergency funds, to develop an evidence-based approach to determining funds distributions.

After students apply for emergency funds through the Edquity app, all submissions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis using our research-driven, evidence-based evaluation system. The goal of the system is to ensure students demonstrating significant need that may cause unenrollment will receive funds.

You can claim your funds in two ways:

  • Direct Deposit

    You can claim your funds via direct deposit into your bank account that’s reflected in up to 5 business days.

    Disclaimer: Edquity works with Plaid as our third-party vendor for student users to connect their bank accounts and receive access to the funding they need on the Edquity app. This data is not accessible by Edquity or any third parties.

  • Prepaid Gift Card 

    Alternatively, users can claim a prepaid card with the approved fund amount in two ways—a digital gift card that is available for immediate use or a physical prepaid card that can take up to 8-10 business days to arrive in the mail.

Click here for a visual resource on how to claim your emergency funds through Edquity.

No, emergency funds do not require repayment and will not interfere with your current financial funds. If your situation changes, feel free to donate to the  Rockland Community College fund to support other students.

While every student who applies for emergency funds will not receive it, Edquity and Rockland Community College still want to help however we can.

Please send an email to [email protected] for further assistance. We also suggest that you check out the resources page on the Edquity app to find other organizations and service providers in your area.

Yes, Rockland Community College students can apply for Emergency Funds once per academic term. If you have already applied for funds in the spring, you will not be eligible to reapply until the fall.

Administrators at Rockland Community College cannot view the personal or financial information you submit. They are, however, able to see de-identified, aggregated behavioral trends of students applying for funds overall, and general information regarding the usage of resources. They are also able to see events that are being posted on the app.

  • Resources: Resources in the app are located both on campus and in the local community.  Resources are conveniently categorized by type of service: Food, Housing, Health, Transit, Work, Legal, Care, & Goods.
  • Events: Find and attend “events” happening near you that have access to free food, including campus food pantry and more available to students!