Website Update

Friday, November 20, 2020

Thanks for working with us to restore pages on the RCC website. We are super grateful for your cooperation and participation. We are publishing pages as quickly as possible and we have made a ton of progress this week. As of this morning, we have restored about 150 pages. Yippee!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, email us at [email protected] I’ve included a short Q&A and some helpful links below.

Thanks RCC!

Susan Lyddon & Strategic Marketing

Q: How do I find my pages on the new site?
A: You can use the internal search engine on the website to navigate or navigate through the main menu – many admissions, academics and student services pages are live. We do not recommend using google search right now. We are still working on increasing our SEO for the major search engines. If you can’t locate a specific page, email us at [email protected]

Q: Will the other information that was linked to my page be added to the website?
A: We are in the process of evaluating which additional pages need to be added to the new website. In many cases, the additional content will be brought over. Some content will be added to myRCC instead of the external webpage, and other content may be outdated/not needed any more and will not be added to the new website.

Q: When/how can we give edits?
A: We ask that you hold any edits regarding links, photos and formatting errors until after the first phase of the migration has been completed. If you have a pressing issue, please email [email protected] with edits. We will be prioritizing edits and will do our best to make them quickly. As we continue to bring pages over to the new site, we’ll work with departments to review pages and make edits as we go along.

Q: What if I have additional questions?
A: Please email us at [email protected]. We’re super busy but are responding to emails as quickly as we can.

To access the website main pages:

To access myRCC: myRCC

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To search class offerings: Self-Service Banner

To access the Library site: RCC Library

To access RCC’s 2020-2021 Degree Sheets: 2020-2021 Degree Sheets
(When advising students/being advised, please be sure to work from the correct degree sheet. The catalogs and degree sheets for previous years can be accessed here.)

ITS Help Desk: 1-877-241-1823

Prospective students and visitors can find information at:

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