Establishment and Operation of Student Organizations

Note 1: Detailed procedures are cited in Rockland Community College Student Organization and Student Club Start-Up Packet.

Note 2: The Student Government Association (SGA) is an elected governance body established to further the well-being of student life for the student body of Rockland Community College. Detailed information on the purpose, membership, organization, duties and powers, and operations of the SGA may be found in the Constitution of the Student Government Association.

Rockland Community College Student Organizations and Clubs are expected to function in an organized manner and to provide a congenial atmosphere open to all students currently enrolled at Rockland Community College.

  1. Any approved activity, meeting, or function sponsored by a Rockland Community College’s Student Organization or Club is considered an official College activity. Student Clubs and Organizations are required to follow the Student Code of Conduct and the policies and procedures established by Rockland Community College.
  2. To be eligible for funding, use of the student activity vehicles, and use of College resources, all Student Organizations and Clubs must follow procedures for starting or reactivating a Student Organization/Club.
  3. Student Organization and Club activities are open to all currently registered Rockland Community College students.
  4. Student Organizations and Clubs must meet a minimum of twice a month. The meeting times and dates are to be posted on campus bulletin boards and registered with the Office of Student Involvement.
  5. Minutes are to be taken at each meeting detailing topics of discussion and any matter requiring a vote of the membership. Minutes are to be submitted to the Student Activities Advisor and the Student Activities Chairperson on a weekly basis or as often as the Organization/Club meets. Forms are available in the Student Involvement office.
  6. Student Organization/Club meetings are to be held only on campus, unless otherwise approved by the Director of Student Involvement. Off campus meetings will not be recognized as an official Rockland Community College Student Organization/Club activity.
  7. All Student Organization/Club activities/events must be discussed and voted on by the members of the Student Organization or Student Club. The discussion and voting is to take place during official club meetings. Approval of sponsoring an event must be reflected in the Minutes. It is the Student Club or Student Organization’s President’s and Vice President’s responsibility to keep their full-time Club Advisor and the Office of Student Involvement informed of planned activities.
  8. All purchases and requests for funds must be approved by the Student Organization President, Treasurer, and full-time Club Advisor prior to submitting a budget request and/or purchase of any item.
  9. Individual Student Organization/Club members or their Advisor may not sign contracts. Doing so makes a person individually responsible for the contract. All contracts (i.e. entertainment, services) must be approved and signed by the Director of Student Involvement, on behalf of the sponsoring organization.
  10. A report of the Student Organizations’ or Clubs’ proposed activities must be submitted by the sixth week or each semester to the Director of Student Involvement, the Student Activities Advisor, and the Student Activities Board Chairperson.
  11. Student Organizations and Clubs are required to sponsor the following types of events per semester but not limited to:
    • One Educational/Cultural event, which is open to all currently enrolled students (MANDATORY). This event must be held on any Rockland Community College campus. This activity may be organized in collaboration with another Student Organization or Club or in conjunction with another campus committee (i.e. Women’s History Month, Inter-cultural Fest, African American History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.)
    • One Community Service Event (MANDATORY). This could take the form of a fund-raiser, volunteer service on or off campus, serving as a student recruiter at local high schools. This event can take place on or off campus, but must follow the procedures regarding event planning.
    • One Social Event (OPTIONAL) related to the purpose of the Student Organization or Club. This event must follow procedures regarding event planning.
    • One Student Government Association (SGA) or Student Activities Board Event per semester (MANDATORY). Participation in at least one Fall Semester and one Spring Semester event is required. Some examples of Fall semester events may include New Student Orientation, Blood Drive, Voter Registration, an Open House event (usually held on Sundays), Toy or Food Drive. Some examples of Spring Semester events include Spring Fest (usually held the first Thursday during the month of May), an Open House event, or Earth Day (usually held the third Thursday during the month of April).
    • Club Fest (MANDATORY) usually held the third week in September and third week in February).
  12. Club officers and Full-Time Club Advisors are responsible for being familiar with the policies contained in the Student Organization manual, as well as the policies and procedures of the College.