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Steps Beyond Statements Committee Charge

The current global call for racial equity and justice highlights the importance and urgency of our commitment to Inclusive Excellence at Rockland Community College (RCC). The Steps Beyond Statements Working Group is part of that ongoing commitment and is charged by President Rápalo to conduct the Guided Pathways Institutional Self-Assessment for Equity in order to provide recommendations for implementation building upon our institutional strengths and addressing identified challenges. In addition, the SBS Working Group will conduct focus groups to build on the Diversity & Inclusion Survey conducted in Spring 2021, and provide recommendations for implementation of academic and non-academic divisions Equity Scorecards.

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Student Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Feedback

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RCC’s Steps Beyond Statements Committee is conducting focus groups to examine equity. These focus groups are a follow up to the Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Poll that was sent to students in February. You may have completed the survey and you can participate in the focus groups either way. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas and help inform the future of RCC. Every student who participates in a focus group will receive a $50 gift certificate.

SBS Video Updates

Featured Resource

Catherine Wong speaking

Teaching Inclusively and Equitably: Networking for Social Justice

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion hosted a virtual workshop where Catherine Wong, Director, Equity Implementation for The Leadership Brainery, engaged participants in revealing themes and actionable insights that help faculty and staff advance a welcoming and participatory culture within their environments, as well as create a climate that fosters transformative dialogue and meaningful change.

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Allegrah Abrahams

Allegrah Abrahams

Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke

LaToya Blount

LaToya Blount
Working Committee

Dino Ritsatos

Dino Ritsatos
Working Committee

Working Group

  • LaToya Blount
  • Dino Ritsatos
  • Matthew Baker (student)
  • Jude Fleurismond
  • Suzanne Hickey
  • Xavier Kistoo-Mies (student)
  • Daphney Joseph (student)
  • Danielle Kobryn
  • Katie Lynch
  • Brian Merritt
  • Kellen Perez (student)
  • Melanie Rie
  • Ydania Santos


  • Melissa L. Roy
  • Nancy Koester
  • Joe-Joe McManus