Academic Programs at RCC


At Rockland Community College, we believe that college is a time for you to learn about yourself, explore new interests, discover different options, and become passionate about your intended career.

Get Inspired

You will be immersed in an inspiring environment filled with diverse students, and guided through your academic career by broadly informed faculty and staff. 

Real World Ready

You will become a master of the subjects that you love and graduate with the skills necessary to pursue the next steps in your career.

Degree and Certificate Programs

With over 40 degree and certificate program offerings, Rockland Community College delivers a life-changing education that will exceed your expectations. Visit the School pages below to browse available majors, academic requirements, and other key info about our associate degree and certificate curriculum.

Degrees and Certificates Programs

Non-Degree Programs

These courses and programs are designed to provide opportunities to obtain industry-specific certifications and training, specific skills workshops, and/or a path to transfer into degree-seeking programs.

Workforce Development
English Skills Academy
Community Education

Honors Programs

At RCC, our nationally recognized Sam Draper Honors Program offers students the challenges and rewards of deeper discourse and a personalized mentoring relationship with your professors.

Honors Program

Schools at RCC

Rockland Community College has four Academic Schools and the nationally acclaimed Sam Draper Honors program. The Schools are designed to provide each student with a Student Success Team that is specially trained in your chosen area of study. Faculty hold advanced degrees, have extensive experience in their areas of expertise, and are dedicated to their students’ success and preparing them for their next step.


School of Arts, Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Fuel your intellectual and artistic talents. Step up to strengthen your community. Whether creation or service is your calling, we'll prepare you for the demands of the ever-changing job market.
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School of Business and Professional Studies

Learn the skills required for a career in the fields of Business, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, and Paralegal Studies.
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School of Nursing, Health and Wellness

Improve the life and wellness of patients, and have an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone's life daily.
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School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

From data management to engineering, you'll get the information and skills you need to join the innovative workforce of today.
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