County of Rockland Special Programs

The collaboration between the County of Rockland (COR) and Rockland Community College (RCC) through programs like EDGE, EDGES, and pre-employment presents a promising opportunity for career improvement. County of Rockland employees enrolled in these programs will not only benefit from academic coursework tailored to enhance marketability but also have the option to pursue personal enrichment. With an extensive selection of 40 associate degrees and certificates, the programs play a crucial role in fortifying Rockland County’s qualified workforce. It also contributes significantly to the economic vitality of the community by equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their respective fields. This comprehensive approach to education, encompassing both career-focused training and personal development, positions participants for success in their careers and positively impacts the broader community.

Rockland County map

EDGE Program

The EDGE program – Educational Development and Growth for Employees – gives participants an “edge up” by enabling eligible COR employees to take courses and pursue a degree or certificate to gain new skills and credentials.

EMT in an ambulance

H.E.R.R.O. Program

We are excited to announce the transition from the EDGES program to the Higher Education Recruitment and Retention Opportunities (H.E.R.R.O.) program. This collaboration between the County of Rockland (COR) and Rockland Community College (RCC) is designed to financially assist fire departments and emergency medical services agencies (EMS) volunteers who are eager to pursue their academic goals at RCC.

Rockland County Police Academy
Pre-Employment Program

Through a partnership with Rockland Community College, the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy offers the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service Pre-Employment Police Basic Course.