GED Testing Service

The GED Test (GEDTS) will be replacing the TASC Test (Test Assessing Secondary Completion). The NYSED HSE office will continue to accept passing GED subtest scores from 2002-2013 and TASC Test subtest scores from 2014-2021.

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NYSED Regulations

  • All examinees must be NYS residents for at least 30 days.
  • All examinees under age 19 must have met Maximum Compulsory School Attendance Age and submit documentation of age eligibility.
  • The examinee may take each subtest a maximum of 3 times each calendar year.
  • Examinees must wait 60 days to reschedule if they fail a subtest.
  • The exam is free for all NYS residents.

Differences between the TASC Test and GED Test

  • Both exams reflect core academic subject areas equivalent to the content of a high school diploma.
  • The GED Test has 4 subtests vs. the TASC Test had 5 subtests.
  • The GED subtests are Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), the RLA is Reading and Writing together, Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social Studies.
  • RLA is going to replace the TASC Reading and Writing.
  • If you passed only the TASC Reading or Writing, you need to take the RLA subtest to complete the testing requirements for RLA.
  • GED’s ID # is a 16-digit number.
  • The passing score is 145 or greater; for the GED Test.

Information About GED® Subtests

GED® Subtest Break out by Subpart Total Time
Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) Section 1: 35 minutes
Section 2: 45 minutes – Writing component
Break: 10 minutes (computer automatically restarts test after 10 minutes)
Section 3: 60 minutes
150 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning Part 1: Calculator prohibited
Part 2: Calculator allowed
120 minutes
Science One continuous section 90 minutes
Social Studies One continuous section 70 minutes
Total GED® Test All four content areas.
Please note that a score of 145 or greater is the passing subtest score.
430 minutes
(approx. 7 hours and 10 minutes)

Test Administration

  • The GED exam will be administered as Computer-Based Testing and is available in English and Spanish. The college will not be providing Paper-Based Testing.

Registration Process

  • RCC GED Testing is now open. To view our testing schedule, please create an account at After creating an account, you can register for the exam.
  • To register for the GED Test:
    • You must be an NYS resident for 30 days before your exam date.
    • If you are 16, 17, or 18 years of age, you will need to complete an Age Eligibility Form and will need to submit this form directly to NYSED. Once NYSED reviews that you have the required age eligibility requirements, they will remove the hold on your GED account, and you will be able to continue your registration.
  • To register for the GED exam, please create an account at No paper application is needed to register for the exam. Once you create your GED account, you can locate a testing center and schedule your exams.
  • An email address and password are required to create an account.
  • If you previously passed a TASC subtest or GED exam, you can register for the subtests you didn’t pass.
  • If you previously had approved Accommodations for the TASC Test, you will need to complete the Accommodations requirement with GED. Please follow the steps in your GED account.
  • GED has a cancellation policy. You must cancel your exam at least 24 hours ahead of testing, or you will be required to wait 60 days before you are permitted to reschedule that subtest.
  • Examinees are responsible for knowing which subtests they need to take. Examinees are not required to schedule and sit for the full battery of needed subtests in one test session.

Regents Exam Pathway

  • NYSED will still be granting Regents Credit.
  • Applicants who have earned all four subject credits through the Regents – HSE pathway must also take and pass at least one HSE exam subject as required by the NYSED Commissioner’s Regulations.
  • If you passed any regents exams in high school, please complete the Attachment R application and drop it off at your high school. Your high school will mail the completed form directly to NYSED.
  • NYSED will review the application and mail you a transcript within 6-8 weeks.

Day of the Exam

  • Please bring an approved government ID that has your full name and DOB.
  • When you arrive, a digital photo will be taken, and a digital signature will be obtained.
  • The college will be providing a scientific calculator for Math part 2 and Science.

After the Exam

  • Students will be able to see their scores via their GED account.
  • If you passed all the testing requirements NYSED, will mail your diploma and transcript in 8-12 weeks.
  • If you failed a subtest, you need to wait 60 days. After the 60 days are up, you can register for the subtest you didn’t pass. You can take each subtest up to 3 times a year.

NYSED will no longer mail transcripts if you did not pass the whole exam. You will be able to view your scores in your GED account. They will only be mailing transcripts with the diploma after successfully passing the exam.

Online Resources to Practice for the GED Test

If you have any questions, please contact; Yaritza Santana at 845-574-4525, [email protected].