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Convenience. Flexibility. Innovation. Backed by SUNY Online’s award-winning distance education program, RCC offers online courses and degrees that are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s students.

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D2L Brightspace

Online Degree Programs

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RCC’s dedicated faculty are experienced and fully trained in online teaching and help students utilize the latest learning technologies. We provide academic and technical support to ensure that students succeed with their online courses.

Types of Course Teaching Formats

Online Courses
(Asynchronous Sessions)

Registered online students at the College can access their courses anytime and anywhere through the Internet. This type of course is asynchronous. With the use of the D2L Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), faculty and students have the flexibility to log in to their online courses, interact with their instructors, take tests, write papers, complete assignments, and participate in discussions at different times. Online courses have the same quality as on-campus courses and are semester bound courses.

Hybrid Courses
(Combination live/synchronous and delayed/asynchronous sessions)

Hybrid is a combination of online and on-campus meetings. Courses meet in the classroom one day a week and then meet another day online. Hybrid courses, like regular face-to-face courses, are semester bound.

Remote Courses
(Live/Synchronous Sessions)

Remote (virtual) courses are courses where teaching occurs outside of a physical classroom. Instructors are separated from their learners by distance. This type of teaching is synchronous, where students watch instructors deliver their lectures live using a call conferencing software like Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, or Google Meet. Remote (virtual) courses are semester bound courses.

Hyflex (Hybrid-Flexible) Courses
(Face-to-Face, Remote (Synchronous), Asynchronous)

Combines online and face-to-face instruction simultaneously into one single course section. Students are able to participate in class in different ways: as a synchronous distance learner (via real-time, video streaming); as an asynchronous distance learner (accessing materials, recorded lectures, and responding at a later time); as a face-to-face learner (physically present in the classroom); or as a flexible learner (with a degree of choice as to how they participate each week; sometimes face-to-face, sometimes by streaming class sessions, etc.)

Listing of online courses

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