The High School Dual Enrollment Program is open to high school juniors and seniors who wish to register part time (fewer than 12 credits per semester) and take classes either in your high school or at Rockland Community College.

A variety of courses are offered as part of this program including: Criminal Justice, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, French, Spanish, and many more.

Fees are at a discounted rate of $50.00 for each 3 or 4 credit course offered within one of our partnering high schools listed below. This rate provides families with substantial savings as the tuition for an in-state Rockland Community College student is $228 per credit (e.g. $684 for a 3-credit course and $912 for a 4-credit course). Please note the discounted rate applies only to students enrolled in High School Program courses in the Fall or Spring semester in one of our partnering high schools. The standard tuition rate, $228 per credit, is charged for all courses taken by High School Program students in the Summer Sessions and for any RCC course taken by a dually-enrolled High School student who is attending a non-partner High School.

All high school students, including those in our partner high schools, also have the option to take courses at RCC either on-campus or online throughout all semesters. However, please note that there are restrictions on college course offerings for high school students during Fall and Spring terms between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. It’s advisable for students to consult their high school counselor for specific details regarding these restrictions.

It’s important to clarify that college courses taken at RCC, whether on-campus or online, are not formally affiliated with any high school partnership. Consequently, students will be classified as non-matriculated, are limited to 11 credits or less per semester, and are subject to the College’s standard tuition rate. Please keep in mind that non-matriculated high school students are not eligible for financial aid.

If a high school student who is not affiliated with one of our partnering schools opts to take a course on-site at Rockland Community College and/or online, as part of admissions and advisement, that student will bring/send their high school transcript directly to the Admissions office. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Students must be concurrently enrolled in a minimum of one course at their high school while taking classes at RCC. Students must place into English 101 or higher, except for students seeking to enroll in Studio Art, Exercise & Human Performance (EHP) or Math courses. Students seeking to register for Math courses must take the Math assessment test and place appropriately.

Our partnering high schools offer various college-level courses for which you can receive RCC credit.  Contact the point person at your high school for a listing of courses.

In order to be considered eligible to take college-credit courses within your high school, you must complete the RCC High School Dual Enrollment Program Application.

You will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on how to register. Registration dates vary at each partnering high school. Please speak to the designated contact at your high school for more information.
The RCC Admission Recruiters for the partnering high school  are:

Specialized High School Programs

The Smart Scholars Program is a state-funded grant program administered in partnership with the East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) to provide academic and social support to East Ramapo high school students who plan to enroll in post-secondary school. The Smart Scholars Program provides Computer-Science and General Education college-credit courses (within the High Schools of the East Ramapo Central School District) at no cost to their families.

To apply: Steve Foreman, ERCSD, Smart Scholars Liaison, [email protected]

More Information: Ms. Jodilynn Greico, Academic Coordinator, 845-574-4092, [email protected]

Rockland BOCES Hudson Valley Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) is a four to six year program (grades 9-14) focused on engaging students in hands-on, project-based learning to be successful in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and business.

P-TECH students earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree at no cost. At P-TECH, students interact with local business professionals to develop professional skills. P-TECH is for students looking for something different from their high school experience.

Hudson Valley P-TECH Pathways include:

  • Business Administration (Associate of Applied Science degree)
  • Computer Information Systems (Associate of Science degree)
  • Computer Support Specialist (Associate of Applied Science degree)
  • Cyber Security (Associate of Applied Science degree)
  • Engineering Science (Associate of Science degree)
  • Legal Studies (Associate of Applied Science degree)

More Information: Ms. Jodilynn Greico, Academic Coordinator, 845-574-4092, [email protected]

Interested in the Early Admit Program?

High School seniors also have the option of enrolling as full-time students through the Early Admit Program.