Tuition – Student Accounts

Tuition – Student Accounts

You CAN afford Rockland Community College

RCC offers a local, affordable, quality educational experience. Attending RCC for your associate’s degree rather than a four-year public or private college can save you an estimated $100,000. RCC offers a multitude of federal, state and institutional financial aid programs as well as convenient payment plans so that every student has affordable options to attend college.

What Does an RCC Education Cost?

Fall 2020 Payment Due Date is
August 13, 2020

2020 – 2021 Tuition
Effective Fall 2020

ResidencyFull Time AnnuallyFull Time SemesterPart Time Per Credit

Rockland County Resident




NYS Resident Living Outside of Rockland County – – with a Certificate of Residency




NYS Resident Living Outside of Rockland County – – without a Certificate of Residency




Out of State Resident and F1 Visa
International Students




++Fall & Spring semesters only: Out of State Residents and F1 Visa students will be charged an additional $10 per credit up to $150.00 per semester.

Please note: Tuition is set annually by the RCC Board of Trustees and is subject to change.


Assessed fees are considered either Standard or Course Related and are applied to the appropriate academic period on a student’s account. All tuition and fees are viewable on a semester basis in Self Service Banner.

Standard Fees
Activity Fee*

Full-time:  $74 / semester
Part-time: $4.50 / credit ()

Admission Application Fee*


Bus Pass (TOR) (1 Pass per Semester)*


Credit for Experience (Prior Learning)*

40% of credit cost

Payment Plan Fee*


Late Fee*


Dishonored Check Fee*


Document Fee*

$5.00 per document

Drop Fee*


Graduation Fee


Identification Card Replacement Fee*


Malpractice Insurance*


Readmission Fee*


Technology Fee*

$15.00 / credit

Telecourse & Distance Learning*

$50.00 / course

Fall 2020 Special Pricing Due to Modified Campus Reopening Plan

$25.00 / course

Transcript Fee*

$5.00 per transcript

* Non-Refundable Fees

Photo ID Fees

  • New students are issued an initial photo identification card at no charge.
  • The College requires that returning students validate their photo ID card each  semester they are in attendance. A sticker is placed on the card at no charge.
  • Students must present proof of registration to obtain a new photo ID card or validate an existing photo ID card.
  • Fees are waived for a replacement ID card if a correction to the student’s name or other data on the card is required.

Effective Fall 2019


Fall 2020 Special Pricing Due to Modified Campus Reopening Plan: Course Related Fees Applied ONLY for Courses Being Offered In-Person

ART – Art

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
ART 128Ceramics I$35
ART 146Black & White Photography I$30
ART 147Painting I$50
ART 149High School Portfolio Workshop I, Figure Drawign$50
ART 159Drawing I$40
ART 1642D Design$5
ART 1653D Design$5
ART 169Drawing II$40
ART 172Typography$15
ART 173Motion Graphics$15
ART 174Introduction to 3D Animation$15
ART 178Sculpture I$35
ART 184Printmaking I$20
ART 188Website Design$15
ART 195Digital Art$15
ART 198Careers in Arts$30
ART 203Color Photography I$15
ART 204Color Photography II$15
ART 223Graphic Design$15
ART 238Ceramics II$35
ART 246Black & White Photography II$30
ART 247Painting II$50
ART 248Ceramics III$35
ART 249Digital Photography$15
ART 277Constructed Image$15
ART 278Sculpture II$35
ART 279Drawing III$40
ART 284Printmaking II$20
ART 294Drawing for Animation$40
ART 295Alternative Processes$30

AUT – Automotive Technology

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
AUT 100Introduction to Automotive Technology$45
AUT 101Introduction to Automotive Technology$45
AUT 102Automotive Engine Repair I$45
AUT 104Automotive Engine Repair II$45
AUT 105Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems I$45
AUT 106Intro to Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems$45
AUT 108Engine Repair & Combustion Theory$45
AUT 111Automotive Steering and Suspension$45
AUT 113Automotive Brakes$45
AUT 201Advanced Automotive Electrical/Electronics$45
AUT 205Engine Performance I$45
AUT 206Engine Performance II$45
AUT 211Automatic Transmission/Transaxle$45
AUT 212Manual Transmission/Transaxle Drive Trains$45
AUT 220Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning$45

BIO – Biology

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
BIO 103Introduction to the Human Body$30
BIO 105General Biology I$40
BIO 106General Biology II$40
BIO 107General Biology I Honors$40
BIO 109General Biology II Honors$40
BIO 110Anatomy & Physiology I$40
BIO 111Anatomy & Physiology II$40
BIO 112Phage Hunters 1: Discovery$60
BIO 113Phage Hunters 2: Genomics$60
BIO 122Fundamentals Ecology & Field Biology$25
BIO 193Research Experience in Biology$40
BIO 200General Ecology$40
BIO 207Microbiology$60
BIO 212Environmental Science$40
BIO 214Ornithology$25
BIO 219Anatomy & Physiology for for Speech and Hearing$40

BUS – Business

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
BUS 108Business Communication$25

CAD – Computer-Assisted Design

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
CAD 105Introduction to AutoCad$45
CAD 106Introduction to Design With Computers$45
CAD 210Architectural Drafting$45
CAD 214Landscape Drafting$45
CAD 220Building Information Management, REVIT$45
CAD 2213D Drafting/Intro Solidworks$45
CAD 222Advanced 3D Modeling/SolidWorks$45
CAD 233Advanced Animation and Rendering$45

CHM – Chemistry

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
CHM 101Inorganic Chemistry I$40
CHM 102Inorganic Chemistry II$40
CHM 103Inorganic Chemistry I Honors$40
CHM 104Inorganic Chemistry II Honors$40
CHM 201Organic Chemistry I$40
CHM 202Organic Chemistry II$40

COM – Communications

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
COM 104Audio Production I$40
COM 105Audio Production II$40
COM 205Radio Production$40
COM 211Television Production I, Basic$40
COM 212Television Production II, Advanced$40
COM 215Video Editing$40

CSP – Computer Studies

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
CSP 101Computer Concepts and Applications$45
CSP 105Computers in Society$45
CSP 115Principles of PC Operating Systems$45
CSP 125Intro to Programming/Visual Baic.Net$45
CSP 127Comp Program I/Java$45
CSP 128Computer Progrmng II/Java$45
CSP 138Spreadsheet Design/MS Excel$45
CSP 139Database Design/MS Access$45
CSP 141Introduction to Program in C++$45
CSP 149Web Page Development$45
CSP 200Help Desk and Support Specialist$45
CSP 211Systems Analysis & Design$45
CSP 234PC Architecture & Assembly Language$45
CSP 260Web Programming I/Javascript$45
CSP 261Web Programming II/PHP MySQL$45
CSP 262Web Site Management/Current Topics$45

CYB – Cyber Security

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
CYB 106Networking I/CCNA 1 & 2$45
CYB 107Networking II/CCNA 3 & 4$45
CYB 110Intro to Linux$45
CYB 112Windows Enterprise Desktop Support Technician$45
CYB 113Introduction to Python$45
CYB 117Windows Desktop OS Support$45
CYB 130Network Security$45
CYB 216Windows Server Installation and Configuration$45
CYB 220Introduction to Wireless Networking$45
CYB 240Computer Forensics$45

EHP – Exercise & Human Performance

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
EHP 111Golf$75
EHP / HPS 145Water Safety Instructor$45
EHP / HPS 146Lifeguard Training$45
EHP 151Bowling$85
EHP 152Advanced Bowling$85

ELT – Electronic Technology

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
ELT 101Direct Current Theory$45
ELT 249PC Maintenance$45

ENR – Engineering

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
ENR 105Introduction to Engineering$30
ENR 106Introduction Engineering Design & Graphics$30
ENR 206Electric Circuits$30
ENR 209Digital Logic$30

HLT – Health

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
HLT 117Community AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED$40
HLT 118AHA Basic Life Support CPR for the Healthcare Provider$40

HOS – Hospitality

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
HOS 102Restaurant Management$20
HOS 104Quantity Food Preparation I$100
HOS 108Introduction to Baking$50
HOS 206Beverage Management$30
HOS 207Quantity Food Preparation II$100
HOS 211Professional Baking$100
HOS 213Menu Planning & Facilities Layout & Design$20
HOS 214Buffet Catering: Garde Manager$100
HOS 223Hotel Management$20

HPS – Human Performance Studies

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
HPS 113Care/Prevention Athletic Injury$45

KSH – Kosher

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
KSH 108Kosher Baking I$50
KSH 211Kosher Baking II$100
KSH 213Kosher Menu Planning$20
KSH 224Kosher Cakes and Tortes$100
KSH 225Kosher Breads, Rolls and Pastries$100
KSH 250Kosher Baking Pop-Up Café$100

MUS – Music

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
MUS 261Applied Music Program$450
MUS 262Applied Music Program$750

NUR – Nursing

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
NUR 111LNursing Process IA Lab$200
NUR 113LNursing Process IB Lab$200
NUR 141LNursing Process IIA Lab$200
NUR 142LNursing Process IIIB Lab$200
NUR 231LNursing Process IIIA Lab$200
NUR 232LNursing Process IIIB Lab$200
NUR 241LNursing Process IVA Lab$200
NUR 242LNursing Process IVB Lab$200

OCC – Occupational Therapy

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
OCC 103Occupational Therapy Skills$25
OCC 208 / 209Advanced Skills$25

OFT – Office Technologies

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
OFT / MGT 111Management Information Systems$25
OFT 112Word Processing Applications: MS Word$25
OFT 208Presentation Software: Powerpoint$25

PER – Performing Arts

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
PER 143Makeup for the Stage$25
PER 156Theatrical Stage Combat: Unarmed$40
PER 186Stage Combat:Single Sword$40
PER 226Theatrical Stage Combat:Knife$30
PER 236Stage Combat: Quarterstaff$40
PER 256Stage Combat: Broadsword & Shield$40

PHY – Physics

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
PHY 101General Physics I$40
PHY 102General Physics II$40
PHY 105Engineering Physics I$40
PHY 106Engineering Physics II$40
PHY 110Physics I Honors with Calculus$40
PHY 112Physics II Honors with Calculus$40

PLG – Paralegal Studies

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
PLG 102Legal Research & Writing$75
PLG 103Civil Litigation$30
PLG 107Contract Law & Litigation$30

REC – Recreation

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
REC 205CPR/AED/First Aid for Schools and Communities$40
REC 207CPR for the Professional Rescuer$40

SCI – Science

Course #Course TitleNew Fee
SCI 101Physical Science$30

What Are My Payment Options?


Online payment is available through the TouchNet or Self-Service Banner links on your myRCC student portal. The following payment options are available online:

  • Mastercard, VISA, Discover or American Express credit card payment
  • E-check (ACH) payment
  • Create a Payment Plan (available for Fall and Spring semesters)


Additional payments can be received in-person at the Tech Center Lobby window:

  • Cash
  • Certified, Cashier or Personal Check payable to Rockland Community College
    Note: Please include your student ID# in the memo section of the check. Personal checks are not accepted as payment for outstanding balances on previous semesters.
  • Money order payable to Rockland Community College


Lastly, the following types of payments may also be sent via mail:

  • Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Checks and money orders should be sent to:
    Student Accounts
    Rockland Community College
    145 College Rd MS8100
    Suffern, NY 10901-3699

Wintersession / Summer Sessions / Flex Start Sessions

For these sessions, payment is due upon registration. Payment plans are currently not available but all other forms of payment listed above are acceptable.

Please Note:

  • You may always review your bill and student account by accessing the Student Account menu through Self-Service Banner.
  • Your email account is the College’s official means of communication to students. Please recognize that certain communications may be time sensitive and you are expected to check your College email on a frequent and consistent basis to ensure that you stay up-to-date on all College-related communications.

Please address any student account related questions to [email protected].