Rockland Community College provides purpose driven educational opportunities and guidance in a diverse, affordable, and accessible environment, empowering individuals to positively transform themselves and their communities.


Rockland Community College is the national leader in effective institutional collaborations that improve the lives of our students and the vitality of the community.


As a community of care, Rockland Community College approaches all aspects of the work of the College with integrity, on campus and beyond. Our values are:

  • Excellence
  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Social Consciousness
  • Innovation

Diversity Statement

Rockland Community College embraces diversity at the core of our educational mission. Diversity is the responsibility of all College constituencies: students, faculty, staff, department chairs/heads, supervisors, administrators, the President and the Board of Trustees.

Rockland Community College fosters an environment that attracts, recruits, supports and retains faculty, staff, and students who value diversity. The College promotes a collegial and inclusive environment by recognizing, promoting, embracing, respecting and celebrating the expansive range and dimensions of cultures, attitudes, ideas and viewpoints contained within our campus community.

Embracing and fostering diversity encompasses a level of tolerance and respect, without judgment, for a multiplicity of traditions and cultures, which include not only race and gender, but age, citizenship, class, economic status, educational attainment, ethnicity, gender identity, mental ability, military status, physical appearance, physical ability, political affiliation, political beliefs, religion, religious beliefs, sex identity, sexual orientation, social status, spiritual practice, and other ideologies/identifications.

It is essential that our College, in its entirety, encompass diversity; therefore, we are committed to ensure equal opportunity and to sustain a climate of civility for all who work, study or visit.