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Spring Flex Start 2 Registration

Looking for flexible and affordable class options? Enrollment is open for 7-week Flex Start 2 classes starting March 28.


An associate degree at RCC will only cost you half the amount of tuition at four-year institutions. Low tuition cost paired with financial aid and scholarship opportunities mean you can pursue your goals without accruing large amounts of student debt.


Our dedicated faculty and staff are here to ensure your academic success and to adapt to create learning environments that allow you to continue your education. With technology-assisted learning, there is a wide variety of student resources to give you the individual attention that you need, including online tutoring and one-on-one academic advising.


Everyday life can impact what happens in the classroom, so our resources extend beyond the campus. The Connection Center is a bridge between you and community services, including food pantries, housing, childcare, mental health resources, employment opportunities, and much more!


RCC is committed to providing the flexibility you need to balance your education with work, family and other responsibilities. Childcare programs, night and weekend classes, laptop lending programs and online courses are a few ways that RCC can help you succeed.


Technology Center
Room 8120
Phone: 845-574-4224
Fax: 845-574-4433
24/7 Student Hotline: 844-505-8071
[email protected]

Learn More & Visit Us

RCC hosts open houses, information sessions and campus tours throughout the year for prospective students to explore different programs, speak with faculty and staff, and hear from current students. Check out our upcoming schedule and fill out our Request for Information form to join our contact list. 



Rockland Community College, State University of New York, offers a safe, supportive learning environment for thousands of students from diverse backgrounds. RCC has become the “first choice” for parents and students. Thanks to our affordable tuition, students can save $100,000 on a college education by starting at RCC and transferring to outstanding four-year colleges.

The College is located just 60 minutes from NYC with four campuses throughout Rockland County.

Summer and Fall 2022

The admissions application for Summer and Fall 2022 is open.