Payment Plan Instructions

There are two ways to access your Student Account and make a payment on your bill:

  1. Using the TouchNet link on your myRCC Student Portal (My Apps), or
  2. Going through the Student Account Menu in Self-Service

Using TouchNet

TouchNet is a web-based, real-time service that will provide online, self-service access to your student account and billing history. You may make payment using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards or via an electronic payment from a checking or saving accounts.

  1. Log into your myRCC portal using your RCC email credentials.
  2. Select the TouchNet icon under My Apps. This will take you to your Student Account Page.
    screenshot of My Apps with TouchNet icon highlighted
    screenshot of TouchNet Student Account Page
  3. If you, the student, are making the payments on your account, please follow the instructions #4 -12 below. If someone else is making the payment on your account, you must first create them as an authorized user under the My Profile Setup > Authorized Users. See instructions below to create an authorized user.
  4. Across the horizontal green header on the Student Accounts page there are five tabs. Click on the Payment Plans tab.
  5. Click on the Manage Plans tab and then click on the Enroll Now button.
    screenshot of Payment Plans with Manage Plans tab highlighted and Enroll Now button circled
  6. Enter the term in which you want to create a Payment Plan. In this example, it is Fall 2020.
    screenshot of Payment Plans Enrollment with term selection circled
  7. You can read the details about the Payment Plan program by clicking on Details button. If you are ready to proceed, click on the Select button.
    screenshot of Payment Plans Enrollment with Details and Select buttons circled
  8. You will now see the details of your payment plan (see example below). You may choose to make an optional down payment that will be assessed along with the $30 non-refundable set-up fee at the time you set-up this plan. Enter the dollar amount you want to pay as the Optional Down Payment. If you entered an amount greater than $0, a button will display that allows you to update the Payment Schedule. Click to display the new schedule and/or click on Continue once you have the payment schedule the way that you want it.
    screenshot of Fall 2020 Payment Plan
  9. On the Payment Plan Enrollment screen, choose your method of payment by selecting from the options in the drop down box.
    screenshot of Payment Plans Enrollment with Payment Method drop down circled
  10. Next, fill in your Account Information using your credit card or bank information and then click Continue.
    screenshot of Payment Plans Enrollment with Account Information circled
  11. Your Payment Plan Agreement outlining all the terms and payment dates will pop up for your review. You must agree to the terms and conditions by marking the box on the bottom of the page to finalize your agreement. (See example below.) This page also gives you the ability to print information. Click on Print Plan Amounts or Print Agreement to get hard copy print-outs of you plan details. To finalize your payment plan, click on Continue.
    screenshot of Payment Plans Agreement with I Agree checkbox and Print Plan Amounts and Print Agreement buttons circled
  12. You will get a payment receipt at the end of the process that you can print for your records.

Going through Self Service

  1. Log into your myRCC portal using your RCC email credentials.
  2. Select the Self Service icon under My Apps.
    screenshot of My Apps with Self-Service highlighted
  3. This will take you to the Student Services home page (see below). In the upper left corner, click on the Banner menu icon that looks like four white boxes or type alt + m.
    screenshot of Self-Service Banner Student Services screen with arrow showing menu toggle
  4. Click on Banner then choose Student Menu.
    screenshot of Self-Service Banner with arrows showing Banner and Student Menu
  5. Select Student Account and then Account Information.
    screenshot of Self-Service Banner with arrows pointing to Student Account and Account Information links
  6. Follow instructions #4 -12 in the Using TouchNet section above.

Creating an Authorized User

  1. Under the My Account Tab, click on Authorized Users.
    screenshot of Touchnet with arrow pointing to Authorized Users link
  2. Enter the email of the Authorized User. If you want more than one person to be authorized to make payments on your account, you will need to make two (or more) separate authorizations.
  3. Answer the two access questions and then select Continue.
  4. Two emails will be sent to the Authorized User. The first email will contain their log in credentials and the second email will contain the link to the TouchNet Authorized Users page. From the link sent to your authorized user, he/she will be able to make a payment on your student account. And, based upon how you answered the access questions, your authorized user may be able to view your bill and payment history.
    screenshot of TouchNet showing add authorized users

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