Haitian Heritage Month

Welcome to Haitian Heritage Month at RCC

Join us for the 34th Haitian Heritage month of celebrations. Throughout this month we will be hosting various events that allow you to explore the diverse mix of traditions, art, music, and more that make Haiti truly unique. Don’t miss the chance to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the wonders of beautiful Haiti.

A Little History

The evolution of Haitian Heritage Month celebrations at Rockland Community College over the years is a testament to the growing recognition and appreciation of Haiti’s rich cultural heritage within the community. Starting from a humble one-day event in 1990, it has expanded into a month-long celebration by the mid-1990s, showcasing the resilience, history, and vibrant culture of Haiti.

Haiti’s significance as the first Black Republic and the second independent country in the Western Hemisphere cannot be overstated. Its successful slave revolt and emergence as an independent nation served as a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples, particularly African-Americans in the United States during the nineteenth century.

However, Haiti’s journey has been marked by both triumphs and tragedies. The devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, stands as one of the darkest moments in Haitian history, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and leaving millions homeless. Yet, amidst such adversity, Haiti has demonstrated remarkable resilience, drawing strength from its rich cultural heritage and the spirit of its people.

Indeed, Haiti’s culture is a tapestry woven with stories of resistance, revolt, and perseverance. Despite facing numerous challenges, including slavery, coups, occupations, and militarization, Haiti has continuously fought to preserve its identity and sovereignty. This resilience is encapsulated in every Haitian individual.

By celebrating Haitian Heritage Month, Rockland Community College not only honors Haiti’s past but also recognizes its ongoing contributions to the world. Through education, cultural events, and dialogue, the community fosters understanding and appreciation for Haiti’s complex history and vibrant culture, further strengthening the bonds of solidarity and mutual respect.

2024 Haitian Heritage Month Events

April – Library Display
Get ready to kick off our celebration with a splash of Haitian culture and heritage! Swing by the RCC Library and immerse yourself in the vibrant display.

Free Community Events

Finkelstein Memorial Library
24 Chestnut St, Spring Valley, NY 10977
(845) 352-5700
Dates/Time TBD

Screening of N’AP Boule – A short film based on the current issues affecting Haiti. N’AP Boule features a young couple trying to get to a hospital so they can safely have their first child. To get there they have to navigate protests, insecurity, and gang violence. The film provides a small window into the situation Haitians currently face every day.

From Haitian filmmaker Alexandrine Benjamin
Production: Street Team Productions
Watch the trailer

May 19th 4:00 PM
Spring Street, Spring Valley, NY

2024 Parade of Unity & Community Concert in The Park – Celebrating 220 years of Independence – Parade kickoff at Village Hall to Spring Valley Memorial Park. Taste the Food, Feel the Music & RARA! Join us as we celebrate this amazing community!

2024 Haitian Heritage Month
Committee Chair

Elizabeth Solages

2024 Haitian Heritage Month
Committee Members

Jessica Fenelus
Jude Fleurismond
Karina Joseph
Burton Louis-Charles
Alicia McDonald
Kimberly Weston
Bleck Dastine, Student
Jean Elie Thoute, Student