Haitian Heritage Month

Welcome to Haitian Heritage Month at RCC

In the 1980’s a little known illness began making headlines. The disease caused great fear and panic in people because little was known about its origin or risks factors. For eight years Haitians were prohibited from donating blood in the USA. The little known disease was AIDS. Cultural ignorance created that law, but at RCC it was counteracted with education and action. In 1990 being the oldest club at RCC, the Haitian Club decided to make it their mission to share the full richness of Haitian culture with the entire RCC community.

In 1990 when we first started, Haitian Day was a one-day event, by the mid 1990’s it had grown to a week then a month of festivities.

May is Haitian Heritage Month, but since the spring semester ends mid-May, we opt to celebrate it during the month of April.

2023 Haitian Heritage Month Events

Want to know a little more about Haiti and its beautiful culture, values, and history? Well, stop by the RCC Library and check out the delightful display on the diverse mix of Haiti.

All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Events

2023 Haitian Heritage Month
Committee Chair

Elizabeth Solages

2023 Haitian Heritage Month
Committee Members

Jessica Fenelus
Jude Fleurismond
Karina Joseph
Burton Louis-Charles
Alicia McDonald
James Salvadon
Kimberly Weston
Bleck Dastine, Student
Jean Elie Thoute, Student