Italian Heritage Month

Welcome to Italian Heritage Month at RCC

The Italian Heritage Committee provides an awareness and appreciation for Italian and Italian-American culture, history and contributions through a series of presentations, guest lectures and films for Rockland Community College faculty, staff and students.

As co-chairs of the Italian Heritage Committee we would like to welcome the entire RCC community to join us for Italian Heritage Month this October in a series of presentations that reflect on Italy’s legacy and contributions to the world as well as pivotal moments in Italy’s history that impacted its society both past and present.

As we begin Italian Heritage month, we commemorate our former colleague, Professor Josephine Tarsia. Josephine was an accomplished linguist and longtime member of the full time faculty in the Foreign Language department teaching both Italian and Spanish. For many years, her heart was grounded in this college and in our students. She served as both the Italian Heritage Committee and Hispanic Heritage Committee Chair. She was a mentor and friend to many, and we are all better people for having known, worked and learned from her. By dedicating this month’s events, we remember her, celebrate her life, and honor her memory. We hope you will join us and enjoy them, as it would have brought her great happiness to see you do so. Benvenuto!

2023 Italian Heritage Month Events

All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

In addition to the following events, stop by the Cafeteria for Traveling Tuesdays – Italian Cuisine throughout the month of October. Check our food services page for weekly specials.

Throughout the month of October – “Sing, Dance, Love – The Sounds of Italy” – Listen for a collection of Italian musical favorites (and see how many you can recognize) playing across campus for all ages and from all generations as compiled by Joanie Asch, Julia Lecei, and the Street Team. You will understand why Italian is considered to be the “language of music” to many across the world. Italians are known for their contributions to music in a grand way with the many genres, words, notations and instruments. Enjoy the melodies, poetry, emotions, and innate musicality of some traditional classics along with modern tunes.

Upcoming Events

2023 Italian Heritage Month Co-Chairs

Joanie Asch
Konstadinos Ritsatos
Christina Stern

2023 Italian Heritage Month
Planning Committee

Dana Caponong 
Diana Carey 
Evan Fass
Damian Kodgis 
Julia Lecei 
James Lee & Art Club Students
Dino Lucido 
Eileen MacAvery Kane
Peter Marino 
Mike Murphy 
Shaun Nanavati
Yusuf Rimawi
Beth Robinson