Awarding of Trustee Emeritus Status

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on December 12, 2013. Amended on April 20, 2017


  1. To confer Trustee Emeritus status to former Rockland Community College trustees in recognition of their contributions to Rockland Community College.
  2. To offer privileges to former members of the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees (Board) as a means of keeping them affiliated with the College, maintaining a special relationship with them and expressing gratitude for their service to the College.


To be awarded the Trustee Emeritus status a former trustee of the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The Trustee must have ended service on the Board at least three years prior to nomination as a Trustee Emeritus.
  2. The Trustee must have served on the Board for a period of no less than ten years.
  3. The Trustee must have established a record of outstanding and notable service to the Board and to the students, faculty, and administration of Rockland Community College.
  4. The Trustee must have established a record of outstanding and notable service to the local community.
  5. The Trustee must be nominated by a current Trustee of the Board of Trustees, such nomination to take the form of a resolution accompanied by supporting documentation that fully substantiates the reasons for the nomination.
  6. The Trustee’s nomination must be approved by a vote of the majority of the current Board of Trustees.  In the event that the nomination is not approved by a vote, the Trustee will not be eligible for another nomination as a Trustee Emeritus for a period of at least one year.
  7. At the Board’s discretion, in special circumstances and for truly exceptional cases of remarkable service to Rockland Community College, the Board may waive any of the criteria set forth herein.


The recognition that shall be accorded to a Trustee Emeritus, including those Trustee Emeriti that have previously been honored prior to the approval of this policy, shall include:

  1. A framed honorary “Certificate of Appreciation” that shall describe the nature of the Trustee’s service to the college and the community.
  2. An invitation to walk in the college commencement processional, and to be seated in a place of honor at commencement.
  3. Inclusion on a plaque naming all Trustee Emeriti, to be publicly viewable.
  4. Invitations to all major college events, including an open invitation to all Board public meetings.


Trustee Emeriti shall have no other responsibilities or entitlements by virtue of Emeriti status, except as may be prescribed by the Board in the future.