Computer Equipment Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Rockland Community College on April 30, 2020

This policy applies to all technology (desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, projectors, etc.) owned by the College either directly or through grant funding.


The College’s Technology Resources are not owned by any individual or department at the College. Any Technology Resources that are leased, licensed, or purchased under research contracts or grants must be administered under the terms of this Policy and the Institutional Data Security Policy for as long as they remain within the lawful possession, custody, and/or control of the College.

Supported Devices:

Information Technology Services (ITS) will determine the makes and models of the computer technology acquired by RCC.

Assigned Devices:

Users will be issued technology required to perform their duties. In the case of a computer either a laptop or desktop (either or but not both) depending on their need for mobility and remote access. Employees without offices will used computers provided in shared locations. Laptop computers are to be provided to employees based on demonstrated need and job function as approved by the Department Head. This includes but is not limited to employees whose positions involve on-call duties and/or employees who during the normal course of employment perform their duties away from their assigned workspace.

Lifecycle Refresh:

The impact of old and outdated systems is increased support and maintenance costs, interrupted productivity which can negatively affected organizational operations. The College will refresh its technology on a regular basis accordingly.
Including in Lifecycle Computer Refresh Program:

  • Fulltime Faculty & Staff;
  • Open Computer labs;
  • Departmental Computer Labs;
  • Computer Classrooms;
  • Smart Classrooms;
  • Meeting/Conference Rooms;
  • Student Support/Testing Centers;
  • Library; and
  • Departmental Work Study Stations.

Excluded from Lifecycle Refresh Program:

  • Grant Funded Systems; and
  • Adjunct Faculty.

Maintenance, Support, and Disposal:

Technology Resources will be replaced, repaired, improved, or disposed of by ITS. All resources, no matter what funds were used to purchase them, which are no longer being used productively for College business must be returned to ITS for reallocation, repair, or disposal. Members of the College community may not directly give, lend, rent, donate, relocate, or dispose of Technology Resources.