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Black & Latinx Student Achievement Awards

The Rockland Community College Achievement Awards seeks to recognize and reinforce the academic and personal accomplishments of Rockland County students from the Black/African and Latinx Diaspora.

The selected students in grades 6th and 8th receive a Certificate of Recognition, which is mailed to each individual student.

The selected students in grades 10th and 12th receive a Certificate of Recognition. High School seniors who achieve a GPA of 95 and above are honored at an in-person event.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 6:00 pm

RCC Cultural Arts Center Theater
145 College Road
Suffern, NY 10901

RCC encourages all people to participate in its programs and activities. Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access may call Monica Jackson, Director of Accessibility Services at 845-574-4541 at least one week in advance of the event.

Black and hispanic Achievement Awards Committee

  • Christina Merriweather, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Leidy Pichardo, Co-Chair
  • Dr. LaToya Blount
  • Jessica Gilot
  • Monica Jackson
  • Ashari James
  • Dr. Virginia Meléndez
  • Dr. Brian Merritt

History of Black and Latinx Student Achievement Awards

In 1988 the inaugural program of Rockland Community College’s Achievement Awards Ceremony was  birthed to recognize and reinforce the academic and personal accomplishments of Rockland County students from the Black/African Diaspora.  The Hispanic Heritage Awards followed in 2014 to commemorate the artistic, leadership, and cultural contributions of members in the Latin community, while honoring the academic achievement and overall excellence of Rockland County students of Hispanic descent.

This year we are excited to have a joint collaboration for the Black/African and Hispanic/Latinx Diaspora honoring both cultures.

The purpose and focus of the awards is to continue to promote, encourage, motivate and advocate excellence while empowering students to show up as the best version of themselves in order to reach their desired level of success.

Nomination Submission Form

For Middle School and High School Counselors

Please submit the Black and Latinx Achievement Awards 2024 Student Nominations Submissions Form.

Submission Deadline: Nominations are due no later than Friday, February 23.

Achievement Awards Criteria

The award is given based upon the following criteria:

Elementary/Middle School – 6th and 8th grades

Academic Achievement: An academic average of 92% or greater, plus outstanding participation and accomplishment in at least two of the categories listed below. Students will receive a certificate of recognition mailed to their schools.

High School – 10th and 12th grades

Academic Achievement: Eligibility for the National Honor Society, an academic average of 92% or greater, plus outstanding participation and accomplishments in at least two of the categories listed below. Students will receive a certificate of recognition mailed to their schools.

High School – 12th grade – Achievers Circle

Academic Achievement: Eligibility for the National Honor Society, an academic average of 95% or greater, plus outstanding participation and accomplishments in at least two of the categories listed below. These top students will receive a certificate of recognition and will be recognized at our in-person awards ceremony on March 20th.

Category Measures

Community Service – Student has shown his or her ability to serve others.

Artistic Expression – Student has shown talent in performing or visual arts.

Athletic Ability & Accomplishment – Student has shown athletic skills and sportsmanship.

Leadership Activity – Student has demonstrated the ability to follow directions and provide guidance and direction for others.

Personal Triumph & Success – Student has demonstrated the ability to overcome and flourish despite individual obstacles and limitations.

Keynote Speaker: Milton Santiago, Ed.D., LMSW, BA

Dr. Milton Santiago currently serves as the Interim President at Bronx Community College, part of the City University of New York system (CUNY). He has extensive experience in higher education administration and issues of social justice. Dr. Santiago began his career as a social worker in East Harlem, where he worked with youth as well as families dealing with mental health issues. He started his professional higher education career as a Counselor with the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program at Montclair University in Upper Montclair, NJ. He then became an Assistant Dean of Students and Assistant Director of the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Dr. Santiago continued his career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he held the positions of Assistant Dean of Students at Marquette University, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and Executive Director of an Alternative High School for at-risk students in Milwaukee. While in Milwaukee, he was an Adjunct Lecturer at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), where he taught a course on the History of American Minorities.

Dr. Santiago held the positions of Vice President of Administration and Finance at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA, The College of Staten Island, and Westfield State University in MA. Dr. Santiago spent a great portion of his career working at Lehman College, the CUNY senior college in the Bronx, where he held several positions and founded the Office of Governmental Relations and External Affairs. He was instrumental in connecting the institution to the wider Bronx community, including school districts, health, community, and arts organizations.

Dr. Santiago was a successful advocate for higher education with government officials, obtaining over $100 million for capital construction and improvements at Lehman College during his tenure. He later became President of the Bronx Information Network (BIN), a consortium founded to provide initial internet connectivity to Bronx agencies. BIN was funded by a $3 million grant from NYNEX.

While at Lehman College, he served with several national higher education associations such as EDUCAUSE, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), the National Association of Student Personnel Association (NASPA), the National Association of College and Universities Business Officers (NACUBO), as well as the American Council of Education (ACE).

Dr. Santiago is passionate about issues of social and economic justice. This was reflected in his service as a member of the Bronx Initiative Corporation (BIC), the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and Chair of the Board of the Bronx Council for Economic Development (BCED). Under his leadership, the BCED established the Fordham Road Business Improvement District (BID).

Dr. Santiago is a proud graduate of the Educational Opportunity Program at Binghamton University, where he pursued a double major in Latin American Studies and Sociology. He then received a scholarship from the National Institute of Mental Health to attend New York University, where he obtained a master’s degree in social work. He obtained his doctorate in Higher Education Administration Leadership at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

In 1993, the year of the 25th Anniversary of the Educational Opportunity Program, he was selected as one of the twenty-five Outstanding EOP Alumni for the first Quarter Century of EOP. He is also very proud of having met three US Presidents.

Dr. Milton Santiago

Black & Latinx Achievement Student Awardees

Rockland Community proudly congratulates the high school students receiving Black & Latinx Achievement Awards. Please click on each high school to view the student awardee names.

  • Daniel Alleyne
  • Rachel Alleyne
  • Ryan Berly
  • Adjoa Boamah-Nyarko
  • Carlos Cano Mira
  • Cristina Carbone
  • Bryan Castro
  • Jostyn Catalan-Castaneda
  • Daniel Chazan Jr
  • Lisbeth Chicaiza Michilena
  • Carlos Duluc
  • Lisbeth Duluc
  • Jayson Espinal
  • Thomas Fernandez
  • Chabelee Florentino
  • Chanelee Florentino
  • Karen Flores
  • Kelly Funes
  • Asher Garcia
  • Jesse Garcia
  • Samuel Garcia
  • Riley Greenwald
  • Esther Kyambadde
  • Sofia Lombard
  • Laura Londono Arias
  • Isabella Lopez
  • Isabella Lorenzo
  • Amanda Louis
  • John Madden
  • Aeva Manara
  • L’Nai Marrero
  • Sofia Martinez
  • Christopher Merilus
  • Sherlyn Morales Ramos
  • Rcey Ortega
  • Joseph Padron
  • John Palma
  • Mia Perez-Mejia
  • Christian Pierre
  • Andrew Polanco Juarez
  • Desiree Ramirez
  • Kaylee Restaino
  • Jordan Riak
  • Isabella Rivera
  • Isabella Rodriguez
  • Benjamin Rosado
  • Frederic Rosario
  • Emilie Salcedo-Lugo
  • Maggy Slany
  • Andrew Spradley
  • Serena Vasquez
  • Stephany Yumisaca Redrovan
  • Andrew Alcruz
  • Brianna Alvarado
  • Jordyn Anthony
  • Kurt Antoine
  • Kadiatou Bah
  • Darcy Elise Bailey
  • Jade Bailey
  • James Benison
  • Jiusset Caminero
  • Abigail Carchi
  • Julia Cerniglia
  • Stephanie Corredor
  • Amber Ewing
  • Keysha Famby
  • Victoria Foxton
  • Samiah Francis
  • Jorell Frica
  • Tiffany Galvez
  • Yoselin Garcia
  • Sienna Gonzalez
  • Fedora Jean
  • Lesly Jimenez
  • Ashly Lema
  • Valentina Luciano
  • Travis Ortega
  • Ruby Perez
  • Sebastien Pierre-Louis
  • Aiden Pierre-Louis
  • Noah Pierre-Louis
  • Arelyn Plasencia
  • Juliana Prasad
  • Joel Rabinovich
  • Evan Rabinovich
  • Ashley Rodriguez
  • Taite Roker
  • Victoria Sendra
  • Ella St. Louis
  • Melissa Suchite
  • Jake Termine
  • Ross Thomas
  • Isabel Thomas
  • Amanda Valerio
  • Fernando Ventura Zeas
  • Daniel Ventura Zeas
  • Kimberly Vera
  • Kevin Vidal Santamaria
  • Madison Walker-Smith
  • Julia Zapata
  • Josue Arevalo Quiterio
  • Lynna Baah
  • Sierra Banton
  • Alexis Bautista
  • Nataly Castillo
  • Nicole Cordero-Williams
  • Jaylie Diakite
  • Ariana Diaz
  • Jaylen Diaz
  • Matthew Diaz
  • Valery Dutan Guartan
  • Dervin Ermilus
  • Emily Fernandez
  • Brigitte Guaman
  • Jasmine Guerra
  • Jordan Lafleur
  • Isabella Magnotta
  • Dylan Martin
  • Samantha Mazariego Angamarca
  • Ederson Mereus
  • Paul Mereus
  • Brianna Michaux
  • Daniel Nyamollo
  • Jaime Payan
  • Karl-Cedrick Pierresaint
  • Ashly Ramirez Corado
  • Addison Roche
  • Bryan Santana
  • Gabriella Santos
  • Samiyah Sattaur
  • Gabrielle Smith
  • Gabie Vega
  • Gabriella Vizcarrondo
  • Adelaida Abreu
  • Elyssa Adu Gyamfi
  • Isabella Alfonso
  • Richie Alvarez
  • Luis Emilio Amezquita Zapata
  • Luis German Amezquita Zapata
  • Marcos Tulio Amezquita Zapata
  • Raynalda Annan
  • Robert Annan
  • Joshua Arias
  • Emily Barnes
  • Kelly Barros
  • Abraham Bautista
  • Marelin Bermeo
  • Kaylee Bonomolo
  • Sulxana Bosquet
  • Jonathan Bruno
  • Angeliese Burdier
  • Joseph Caba Caraballo
  • Gabriella Cabrera
  • Daniela Calle Amon
  • Jamie Cantave
  • Bernardo Carrera
  • Kiara Castillo Sanchez
  • Jaylyn Castro
  • Ammy Ceballos
  • Yamilet Chabla Urgiles
  • Leonor Chavez Chichay
  • Claudia Chery
  • Sophia Corretjer
  • Princess Damas
  • Amiah Danclar
  • Emilly Andrea De La Cruz
  • Matthew DeVincenzo
  • Amy Diaw
  • Alexandra Diaz
  • Hilary Disla
  • Isabella Dominguez
  • Laila Dor
  • Mayra Dutan Tamay
  • Alison Dwyer
  • Alexis Echevarria
  • Abigail Enaillo
  • Alejandro Encarnacion
  • Josephine Espinal Garcia
  • Wilberth Espinal Ortiz
  • Yariliz Espinosa
  • Allianis Estrella
  • Britney Estrella
  • Blaundie Eugene
  • Claritza Fernandez Brito
  • Anthony Flores Dominguez
  • Ashley Forrester
  • Irene Gerbier
  • Rian Hall
  • Sebastien Henriquez
  • Penelope Hernandez
  • Michael Herrera Silva
  • Richina Holder
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Sebastian Jean
  • Caroline Jimenez
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Celine Joshua
  • Stacy Juarez
  • Isabella Klein
  • Kaylee Kolesar
  • Giovani Lapointe
  • Kaci Leonard
  • Taylor Lewis
  • Madelyn Lopez
  • Mia Lopez
  • Starr Aisia Lopez
  • Yerik Lopez
  • Jasly Lopez Cruz
  • Mariette Lopez Ovalles
  • Jade Lopez-Flores
  • Christian Love Corlette
  • Jose Maldonado
  • Victoria Malone
  • Alexander Martinez
  • Gregory Martinez
  • Jaslyn Martinez
  • Julian Martinez
  • Kayleigh Matos
  • Marcus Mcfadden
  • Daniela Mejia
  • Ashley Mejia Rodriguez
  • TeAnna Mena Santana
  • Kismelle Mendez Peralta
  • Christofer Miedreich
  • Angel Minchala Mateo
  • Isabel Molina
  • Valerie Montilus
  • Michael Monzon Lemus
  • Irene Morales
  • Casandra Moran Sanabria
  • Joshua Morgan
  • Brittany Narvaez
  • Eduardo Nava
  • Kayla Nelson
  • Sarina Neset
  • Daniella Ogunleye
  • Oluwaseyi Ogunleye
  • Omotaiwo Omotosho
  • Clark Once Gualpa
  • Leidy Palacios Jimenez
  • Isaiah Pamphile
  • Dieuna Paul
  • Brian Paulus
  • Jose Pena
  • Ruby Peralta
  • Gerver Perez
  • Jesseny Perez
  • Judeline Piard
  • Aiden Pimentel
  • Kimberly Portoviejo Once
  • Silvana Portoviejo Once
  • Gabriella Puentes
  • Mireily Quero
  • Jaden Quezada
  • Mariano Quijada Marroquin
  • Rachel Ramirez
  • Diana Ramirez Vaquerano
  • Elana Ramos
  • Brenda Ramos Villalba
  • Evalise Rivera
  • Julianna Rivera
  • Melanie Rivera
  • Jada Rock
  • Anelyse Rodriguez
  • Jayden Rodriguez
  • Lilianna Rodriguez
  • Zackary Rodriguez
  • Eliezer Rosario
  • Michelle Ruballos
  • Delilah Saenz De Viteri
  • Kayla Saint Cyr
  • Felix Salcedo
  • Deana Sanchez
  • Ronny Sanchez
  • Yadhira Sanchez Sanchez
  • Alessandra Santana
  • Jordin Santana
  • Perla Santos Reinoso
  • Angeline Saraguro
  • Riley Sheehan
  • Vanessa Spataro
  • Ava St. Felix
  • Amarah Stanley
  • Leana Sylvestre
  • Adriana Tenorio
  • Kimberly Thomas
  • Nya Thomas
  • Amanda Tineo
  • Kiara Tirado
  • Sergio Torres Flores
  • Marcello Troncoso
  • Christian Vazquez
  • Aaron Velez
  • Ramses Ventura
  • Analyse Veras
  • Raquelle Yow
  • Nicole Agudelo
  • Bethzy Aguilar
  • Barbara Alexandre
  • Daniel Anton
  • Brandy Broussard
  • Eric Bullard
  • Catalina Cardozo-Buglione
  • David Castro
  • Confidence Chigbo
  • Abyade Cierra
  • Emely Corsino Rodriguez
  • Hudson Diaz
  • Daniella Dobson
  • Hassein Domingue
  • Keara Dorvil
  • Anaya Eliazard-Butler
  • Gianna Esposito
  • Fedjine Francois
  • Jacoub Freih
  • Gabriella Galvez
  • Adriana Gleeson
  • Sofia Hughes
  • Julieanne Inverdale
  • Evelyn Jeronimo-Esquivel
  • Xavier Kamba
  • Tela Kopacz
  • Jose Mazariego-Lopez
  • Amber McDonald
  • Isabella Meyo
  • Madison Milla
  • Jaden Mondesir
  • Nia Nunez
  • Clare O’Hagan
  • Laila O’Neil DeOliveira
  • Kayla Persad
  • Matthew Petricone
  • Vee Stone
  • Coralie Verdier
  • Isabella Cruz
  • Ava Esposito
  • Chrystelle Fignole
  • Marcos Funes Menendez
  • Carlos Gutierrez
  • Ryan Guzman
  • Kate Kenefick
  • Olivia Klein
  • Alexandra Kornhauser
  • Emanuel Lopez
  • Aleksandra Losada
  • Keira McElligott
  • Jhoanna Meneses
  • Mia Novelo
  • Lizeth Ortega
  • Dariana Santos
  • Britany Sigcha
  • Kevin Torres
  • Ariana Aguirre
  • Kairelys Agustin
  • Megan Alba-Mendoza
  • Johana Aquino
  • Kristian Argueta
  • David Asamoah
  • Johana Barahona-Alberto
  • Dorien Barthelemy
  • Sintia Buezo-Garcia
  • Nathalie Cajamarca-Leiva
  • Kimberly Calva-Vasquez
  • Melany Cerna-Hernandez
  • Nehemie Christopher
  • Melissa Colin
  • Ashly Duarte-Calderon
  • Kevin Edouard
  • Alex Galicia-Martinez
  • Juliana Garcia-Rugerio
  • Nataly Giron
  • Monica Gonzalez
  • Maris Guaman-Mayancela
  • Gisell Guerra-Montenegro
  • Te’Jah Harrison
  • Gersitha Jeanty
  • Hanea Lemus-Carpio
  • Sheyli Lemus-Sandoval
  • Marsha Lorvilon
  • Jaylyn Manu
  • Jason Mendez-Pleitez
  • Michaella Meritil
  • Delayna Michel
  • Christian Monfiston
  • Juan Moran
  • Eimy Moya-Alvarez
  • Belinda Orna-Espinoza
  • Alexis Palencia
  • Esmeralda Palma-Monroy
  • Jeimy Parrales-Leon
  • Alison Rodriguez-Cisneros
  • Monserrat Rugerio-Juarez
  • Lizannys Sanchez
  • Nayeli Segarra
  • Sophia-Belle Serquina
  • Shaniah Smith
  • Ryan Spinner
  • Sahara Stith
  • Elizabeth Torres-Umana
  • Jasmine Turner
  • Berthange Valsaint
  • Melianys Vicenty-Berrios
  • Jovanie Williams
  • Lizbeth Aguilar-Elias
  • Dulce Aguilar-Quintana
  • Marym Ahmed
  • Ashley Amaning
  • Kairy Ambrocio-Quintana
  • Karen Andrade
  • Jhosselyn Apulema-Ortiz
  • Dayana Broncano-Gonzalez
  • Nialah Burke
  • Estefanni Camas-Puli
  • Diego Campoverde-Quituisaca
  • Grace Castro
  • Kevin Choro-Muyulema
  • Nathaly Choro-Muyulema
  • Kimberly Crespo-Castro
  • Patson Desir
  • Mirlanda Desrosier
  • Anix Destin
  • Fredchard Dorsainvil
  • Sarai Duque-Agustin
  • Howard Figueroa-Flores
  • Brandon Figueroa-Gonzalez
  • Carla Fortune
  • Hector Gregorio-Mejia
  • Gary Guallpa
  • Nayeli Guallpa-Muyudumbay
  • Evelyn Guaman-Camas
  • Jennifer Guaman-Guaman
  • Mike Guaman-Guaman
  • Yaritza Guevara
  • Jenifer Hernandez-Jimenez
  • Nayeli Huera-Arroyo
  • Daicyka Jacob
  • Rhianna Jean-Noel
  • Roosevelt Labranche
  • Lesley Lema
  • Kelly Lemus-Lemus
  • Sofia Lopez
  • Destiny Louis-Jean
  • Wesmirde Lubin
  • Ivana Luxama
  • Jesus Mariscal-DelaCruz
  • Kevin Mizhquiri
  • Melissa Morin
  • David Ortiz-Castillo
  • Corrinne Parker
  • Moises Pascual
  • Daniel Paz
  • Esther Petit-Frere
  • Chippora Pierre
  • Fabrice Pierre
  • Lisbeth Polanco-Medrano
  • Ashley Quinde-Loja
  • Abbygael Raymond
  • Andy Ruiz-Cisneros
  • Shirley Saguay-Guaman
  • Omar Saraguro
  • Emily Sarmiento-Villa
  • Jake Solorzano-Saeteros
  • Martin Sosa
  • Taylor Stevens
  • Jennifer Sumba-Ruiz
  • Andrew Sutherland
  • Abigail Tenezaca
  • Kayla Thompson
  • Edgar Vasquez
  • Evelyn Yamasqui-Arevalo
  • Betsy Zapatanga
  • Alison Zumba-Portillo
  • Lindsay Aguilar
  • Mailyn F. Agustin Chinchilla
  • Isabelle Amady
  • Joyce Amady
  • Maximo Aramayo
  • Lottia Nicole Barnes
  • Chenille Cantave
  • Lendon Caro
  • Jordi Charles
  • Fernanda Chicaiza Gavilanez
  • Marvin Chicaiza Marcalla
  • Gilam Choclin
  • Blanca Choro Caguana
  • Kiara Conde
  • Elijah Cruz
  • Jackson Delaney
  • Nathan Dwier
  • Isaiah Emanuel
  • Sharyse Estimable
  • Angelique Goly
  • Rhianna Green
  • Ava Hershkowitz
  • Micah Jean-Pierre
  • Alexandra Lecorps
  • Christian Lema
  • Ahtziri Lopez
  • Rachel Marin
  • Camila Masacela Atupana
  • Taylor Miches
  • Olivia Mohel
  • Olivia Morgan
  • David Naranjo
  • Olivia Nelson
  • Emma Popowitz
  • Jazmin Ramos
  • Ariana Rivera
  • Alexis Robinson
  • Nathalie Rodriguez
  • Edgar Ruiz
  • Melany Sanchez
  • Joyse Sanchez Martinez
  • Florecita Silverio
  • Sophia Smith
  • Cristofer Valentin
  • Anthony Vallejo
  • Gabrielle Vaval
  • Jair Vincente Hernandez
  • Lyanna Wilcox
  • Jada Williams
  • Emily Acosta
  • Jacqueline Acosta
  • Michael Appiah
  • Ryan Ayala
  • Isabella Crespo
  • Erick Cruz
  • Justin Martinez
  • Ezra Olds-Campanile
  • Vivian Rodriguez
  • Christopher Rubio Navaez
  • Olivia Ryan
  • Jordyn Santana
  • Analia Santiago
  • George Tejeda III
  • Oscar Umana Garcia
  • Christopher Vanderhoef
  • Robert Vanderhoef

Programs at RCC


Take charge of your tomorrow by becoming part of the Rockland Community College community! Students choose RCC for its affordable tuition, flexible class schedules and easy transfer to 4 year colleges.

Degree Programs

RCC offers 50 flexible degree and certificate programs in a range of the humanities, social sciences, arts, technology, business, health professions, mathematics and science.

Early Admit Program

Take college-level courses and earn college credits while still in high school. At RCC we offer an Early Admit Program (EAP) to high school seniors who wish to complete their senior year of high school by registering as full-time students at RCC and taking credit courses on campus.

Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed to provide access to college education and improve college affordability for low-income students. This program offers financial aid, tuition assistance, and need-based scholarships to ensure that students from low-income families have access to quality education. We can provide you with the support services and financial assistance for college you need to succeed academically

English Skills Academy

The English Skills Academy at Rockland Community College is an intensive college preparatory program for English language learners at various levels.

High School Program

Earn college credits while you are in High School. The High School Program (HSP) is open to high school juniors and seniors who wish to register part time (fewer than 12 credits per semester) and take classes either in your high school or at RCC.

Honors Program

Our nationally recognized Sam Draper Honors Program offers students the challenges and rewards of deeper discourse and a personalized mentoring relationship with your professors. Students who complete the Honors Program with an academic average of 3.5 or higher have a very high rate of transferring with full junior standing to virtually any four-year college or university they choose.

Money Smart Program

The Money Smart Financial Coaching Program is an extra-curricular program that provides tools, resources, and customized advice to help RCC students manage their money and plan for success as they complete a college degree and pursue a career. The main objective of the Program is to provide a combination of resources, education, and one-on-one coaching that is focused on student’s individual goals and financial outcomes.

Somos El Futuro

SOMOS (We are the Future) aims to deliver student success activities to Hispanic/Latino and underrepresented students in college. SOMOS also assists in the advisement, retention, and transfer of students. Workshops and fun activities, mentorship opportunities, leadership building, volunteer, become financially literate and make friends. You don’t have to be Hispanic/Latino to join. The club is open to all RCC students.

TRiO Scholars

TRIO Student Support Services Scholar’s Program is a federally funded program offered at RCC targeted to serve and assist first-generation college students, low-income individuals (Pell Eligible), and individuals with disabilities, to progress through the post-secondary experience and transfer to four-year programs.

Workforce Development

RCC’s Workforce Development industry credential programs are designed to provide opportunities to obtain industry-specific certifications, and/or to transfer into degree-seeking programs. Workforce Development offers programs where students can gain workforce certifications in less than a year and fill high demand jobs in our region.