Academic Eligibility for Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Academic Standing and Progress

Students receiving TAP must (a) achieve a minimum grade point average, which increases with each semester of TAP, and (b) accumulate a minimum number of degree credits based on the number of semesters of TAP received according to the following:

Semester Degree Credits
1st Semester 0 0
2nd Semester 3 0.50
3rd Semester 9 0.75
4th Semester 18 1.30
5th Semester 30 2.00
6th Semester 45 2.00

Academic Pursuit

A full-time student must complete 6 credits (degree or non-degree) each semester in the first year of study, 9 credits per semester in the second year, and 12 credits per semester in the third. The student must receive a passing or failing grade. Course grades of FX, W, and AU can not be used to meet this requirement. Financial aid can not be used for a repeated course for which the student has previously received a passing grade unless a higher grade is required by the student’s academic program.

Maximum Time Frame

Students are eligible to receive a total of six full-time semesters of TAP (36 TAP points) at a community college. This total includes all previous semesters for which a student received a TAP payment, even if those semesters were for attendance at another college.

Title IV Federal Student Aid Assistance

In order to be making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree for purposes of establishing eligibility for Federal Title IV funds, a student must demonstrate compliance with the following:

  1. Maximum Time Frame
    Attempt a total of no more than 50 percent of the degree credits normally required for completion of the degree or certificate program.
  2. Qualitative Measurement
    Achieve at least the following GPA requirements:
    Cumulative Degree Credits Cumulative GPA
    0-11 N/A
    12-24 .50
    25-36 .75
    37-48 1.30
    49-60 1.50
    61-75 1.70
    76-90 2.00
  3. Quantitative Measurement
    Accumulate credits towards the student’s degree program equal to or greater than the following requirements:
    Cumulative Degree Credits Degree Program
    0-11 N/A
    12-24 30%
    25-48 45%
    49-72 60%
    73-90 75%

The records of students matriculated into an associate degree program will be evaluated against the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards once a year at the end of the Spring term to determine eligibility for receipt of Title IV student financial assistance for the following academic year. Students who are certificate candidates will be reviewed after both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Appeal Process for TAP and Federal Aid

Students who fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards may appeal for a waiver to regain eligibility for financial aid. Only one waiver may be granted. Appeals for waivers will be evaluated for mitigating circumstances resulting from events such as illness, injury, personal tragedy, or changes in academic program, and the reasonableness of student capability for improvement and ability to continue to meet these standards in future semesters. If the appeal is denied, a student has the right to request a grievance hearing following procedures outlined in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.