Cellular Telephone Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on April 23, 2009.

  1. Purpose and Goals
  2. Access to Cellular Phones
  3. Use of Cellular Phones
  4. Privacy and Access
  5. Purchase & Payment
  6. Personal Cellular Phone

Purpose and Goals

Cellular telephones are used by Rockland Community College employees for internal and external communication. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that cellular telephones used by Rockland Community College employees support College business functions to their fullest capacity. This policy advises employees and department heads of their responsibilities and provides guidance in managing distribution and usage.

Access to Cellular Phones

Cellular phone services are provided to all employees deemed to require cellular phones based on demonstrated need and job function or to enhance college efficiency and provide safety and/or security while on required business travel. This includes but is not limited to employees whose duties involve public safety issues, on call duties, employees who during the normal course of employment perform their duties away from their assigned workspace, and employees who have demonstrated a need to be in contact with their office.

Use of Cellular Phones

Cellular telephone services, like other means of communication, are to be used to support College business. Employees may use cellular telephones to communicate informally with others at the College so long as the communication meets professional standards of conduct. Employees may use cellular telephones to communicate outside of the College when such communications are related to legitimate business activities and are within their job assignments or responsibilities. Employees will not use cellular telephones for illegal, disruptive, unethical or unprofessional activities, or for personal gain, or for any purpose that would jeopardize the legitimate interests of Rockland Community College.

Cellular telephones should not be used while operating a motor vehicle. Employees must take every effort to insure the safe usage of cellular telephones.

Privacy and Access

The College will routinely monitor an individual employee’s cellular telephone statements.

The College will take reasonable precautions to prevent possible misuse of cellular telephones.

An employee is prohibited from accessing another user’s cellular telephone without his or her permission.

Cellular telephone statements or summaries are public documents, which in certain circumstances may be disclosed.

Employees violating any provision of this policy may be subject to possible disciplinary action consistent with college policy and negotiated contracts with Rockland County and Rockland Community College.

Purchase & Payment

Cellular telephones provided to employees will be purchased and owned by Rockland Community College. Unless specified otherwise in this policy, all costs associated with cellular telephone services will be charged to Rockland Community College. Such costs include, but are not limited to, purchase of equipment, service initiation, monthly fees, per minute cost of calls in excess of the calling plan, roaming fees, maintenance and repair of equipment and programming, and replacement of lost or stolen equipment.

Personal Cellular Phone

Upon written authorization from the employee’s vice president, an employee may be reimbursed for calls (including charges for minutes in excess of the calling plan, long distance and roaming) relating to official College business that are placed on the employee’s personal cellular phone.