Key Control Program

  1. Key Requests
  2. Key Agreement
  3. Notification
  4. Record Management
  5. Reassignment / Termination

Key Requests

Keys will be issued only after a properly completed “Key Request Form” is reviewed and signed by the Director of Security. Maintenance may not issue a key without a completed form and authorization by the Director of Security.

Key Agreement

A main principle of the key control program is that keys are issued to individual users and may not be informally transferred, duplicated, or loaned to others. The requester is required to sign an agreement at the time of key issue. Its execution is an opportunity to review the program and documents that there is acceptance of responsibility for violations of the College’s policy.


When a key request is filled and ready for pick-up, the requestor will be notified at the telephone number listed on the form. If the key is not picked up in ten business days, a written notice will be sent to the requestor. Dates of notification will be noted on the original key request form. Should the requestor fail to pick up the key or call for specific arrangements, the key will be returned to the stock room.

Record Management

The Security Department will maintain files for all original key requests, key return forms, and agreements, in accordance with computerized data base system which offers a quick review of who has keys to which locks and when each key was issued or returned. It also contains lock locations and facility data for quick coordination and retrieval of information.

Reassignment / Termination

When an employee is reassigned to a different area, previously assigned keys must be reviewed, and those no longer needed shall be returned to the Plant Facilities Office. The “Key Return Form” will be used to record and control this transaction. Keys, as agreed when issued, may not be transferred to other individuals requiring access. The Director of Security must authorize all issues. In addition, those issues may only be made by the Plant Facilities Office after receipt of a completed key request form and signed agreement as described above.

Department Heads should ensure that this procedure is followed as new positions and reassignments occur in their areas.