College Promotional Materials

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on March 23, 1999

As a public academic institution, Rockland Community College is centered upon service to students and to the citizenry of our sponsoring localities. Maintaining and enhancing its record of responsiveness to state and local demands for quality programs and services requires that the college communicate to many constituencies with clarity of purpose, uniformity of message, and consistency of implementation.

Institutional initiatives to communicate to the public through marketing/advertising initiatives have become fragmented as many areas of the College have assumed responsibility to conduct outreach initiatives to attract students and to promote its services to the public. The positive purpose behind these efforts is above question. However, one casualty of the approach has been the goal to establish a unified voice in communications that continuously supports the College’s overarching goals in presenting the institution to the public. Institutional outreach requires coordination if the College is to derive the maximum benefit from its limited resources.


  • All materials promoting programs or services sponsored or offered by the College require approval by the administration prior to development, printing, and distribution.
  • All requests for development and/or planned distribution of promotional materials including, but not limited to, brochures, recruitment letters, newsletters, and advertising media will be submitted for approval to the appropriate Division Chair or Associate Vice President and Vice President. Whenever possible, requestor should prepare proposed text and/or supporting materials.
  • The request for materials should then be forwarded to the Chief Communications Officer, who will review the material for content, conformance with institutional objectives for public outreach, availability of institutional resources to support the initiative and legal/legislative mandated requirements (i.e affirmative action statement), and will consult with the appropriate party or parties to review and support the development of the materials.