Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Pursuant to the Workplace Violence Protection Act of 2006, Rockland Community College is committed to creating and maintaining a working and learning environment where violence or threats directed toward any student, employee or visitors to the College community are not tolerated.

Additionally, the College regularly evaluates risk factors for workplace violence on campus and in College buildings and facilities. The College prohibits violent acts and threats of violence. Students, employees and visitors to the campus who commit or threaten to commit acts of violence are subject to disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal prosecution as appropriate. For purposes of this policy, violence and threats of violence include, but are not limited to: any physical assault, any physical or verbal threat, or behavior or action which is interpreted by a reasonable person to carry the potential:

  • To harm or endanger the safety of others
  • To result in an act of aggression
  • To willfully destroy or damage property

If an individual is subject to violent acts or threats of violence, or believes that a serious violation of the College’s violence prevention policy exists, Public Safety, a supervisor or any member of the College administration should be contacted. No retaliation shall be taken against any employee who reports an alleged violation of the College’s workplace violence policy. This policy is applicable to all College employees, students, vendors and their employees, campus visitors, volunteers and College-affiliated individuals.