Reduction in Force – Preferred Eligibility

During a period of reduction in the institution’s employee base, Rockland Community College will try to facilitate the transition of members of the College community who are subject to layoff.

An employee who holds a position that has been abolished or not funded, and who does not benefit from a negotiated contract with the College will be placed on a Preferred Eligibility List. This list will be developed and maintained by the College’s Office of Human Resources. Employees subject to a layoff who are members of a negotiating unit will be entitled to the terms outlined in the appropriate contract.

Following the period where a reduction in force occurs and a position vacancy is established, the College, prior to any search, will notify the individuals on the Preferred Eligibility List. This action will give these individuals the first opportunity to bring forth an application; have their credentials reviewed; receive an interview; and have their application evaluated. Whenever it is appropriate, the College will recommend to the Board of Trustees the appointment of a Preferred List person. Individuals who are not successful or who do not bring forth an application remain eligible for other services established for reduced employees.

In addition, the College will establish appropriate counseling and outplacement services which will be offered to all reduced employees

Rockland Community College is committed to maintaining a supportive and humane climate for all members of the College community during and after a period of reduction in the employee base. The Office of Human Resources will serve as the primary contact point for laid-off employees who want to discuss issues of transition.