Liberty Partnerships Program

What is the Liberty Partnership Program (LPP)?

  • Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) is a New York State Education Department funded program established in 1988 to address the state’s significant high school dropout rate.
  • Principals, guidance counselors, and parents recommend young people who would benefit from the program. Some students are referred due to ENL (English as New Language) or poor academic performance and low attendance rates, but other factors may include family circumstances or negative peer pressure.

Who We Are

The Rockland Community College Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a dropout prevention and college access program that is funded by the New York State Education Department. RCC LPP serves 340 historically excluded students (grades 7-12) in the East Ramapo, North Rockland and Nyack school districts. Rockland Community College LPP is committed to the belief that all students can learn and should have equal access to resources.

Rockland Community College LPP strives to help its students excel in and out of the classroom so that they can globally compete in the 21st century. Our purpose is to ensure that youths of our Liberty Partnerships Program graduate from high school and enter post-secondary education and the workforce as highly competent and compassionate young adults.


  • Academic Support
  • Mentoring
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • College/Career Preparation
  • Free Summer Program

Our Goals

  • Achieve a 95% or higher graduation rate among eligible LPP seniors.
  • Ensure that 95% or more of eligible LPP seniors have processes in place to transition to post secondary education and/or a career path.
  • Provide professional/career development opportunities, enhance communication & computer skills, facilitate team building, and participate in community service projects.