Senior Adult Audit

New York State Education Law allows Rockland Community College to waive the cost of tuition for senior adults 60 years of age and older who wish to observe and audit credit courses on a space available basis. Auditing students are responsible for lab and other course-related fees associated with the course. As observers, senior adults are not examined, graded, nor given academic credit.

Senior adult audit registrations are processed one week after the start of the semester. If usage trends indicate that a course will have sufficient openings to accommodate senior adult audits, senior registrations will be processed in the order that they were received.

If you are a senior interested in auditing a course, please contact Allegrah Abrahams, Assistant Registrar, at 845-574-4596 or [email protected].

Senior taking courses for credit are required to pay regular tuition rates. These include courses taken to satisfy professional requirements, to maintain credentials, and to meet continued education requirements. All senior adults taking a course on a contract basis will be charged $25.00 per credit. Senior adults may also take courses through Partnership Programs.

Senior Programs

Rockland County Senior Club, Inc. – Designed to encourage older persons to take advantage of the College’s educational and cultural facilities, the Club offers its members stimulating social and intellectual experiences through lectures, cultural presentations and trips to places of interest. The Club meets the second Friday of each month.