Early Admit Student

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on July 20, 2006. Amended on April 23, 2009 and June 25, 2020.

Rockland Community College is one of the campuses of the State University of New York that has college credit programs for high school students to increase access to college level learning. The Rockland Community College Early Admit Program (RCCEAP) is one of two options for high school students.

RCCEAP is open to high school seniors who wish to complete their senior year of high school by matriculating and registering as full-time students at Rockland Community College and taking courses only on the campus of Rockland Community College.

All Early Admit students must:

  1. Have an overall grade point average of 80/2.66 at the time of acceptance into the program and must complete their junior year with an 80/2.66 or better. Home school students will follow guidelines as outlined by the NY State Department of Education.
  2. Be assessed by Rockland Community College to determine preparedness to take English and math courses as well as eligibility for admission to the College.
  3. Have the recommendation of the high school Guidance Counselor to enroll in the program.
  4. Follow the admissions process as outlined by the RCC Admissions office including the submission of all necessary forms, transcripts and application fees.
  5. Meet prerequisites for all courses.
  6. Register as full-time (12 or more credits) students.
  7. Be responsible for ensuring that their course selections meet their high school graduation requirements and will bring a list of the required courses with them to every advisement and/or registration event. Early admit students are also responsible for ensuring that any changes to their schedules are done in consultation with their high school Guidance Counselor in order to avoid jeopardizing their high school graduation.
  8. Follow all college policies and the Student Code of Conduct.