Student Travel

  1. Off-campus Events/Activities
  2. Use of College Vehicles

Off-campus Events/Activities

  1. A chaperone, who is a college staff member, must accompany all off-campus student events/activities.
  2. Students under the age of 18 years must submit written permission from a legal guardian to participate in any off-campus event.
  3. Students participating in any student event/activity are required to follow all policies and procedures listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities. Participating students must complete a student contract.
  4. Participation in dances and off-campus activities sponsored by a Rockland Community College Student Organization and/or the Office of Student Involvement is limited to Rockland Community College students and their guests. (A maximum number of guests per Rockland Community College student will be determined according to the event/activity.) Rockland Community College students are responsible for their guest’s behavior.
  5. Employees of Rockland Community College are eligible to purchase remaining tickets one week before an event at a higher price.
  6. Children five years and older may attend a student event/activity, when appropriate. The age limit may increase according to each event.
  7. The emergency contact form must be completed and returned at least one week before the event/activity. This form is to be distributed to the Director of Security, Director of Student Involvement, and the event chaperone.

Use of College Vehicles

Several vehicles are owned by the Student Senate for Student Organization and Student Clubs to use. The Director of Student Involvement and the Student Senate Treasurer must first approve the use of these vehicles.

To obtain use of the vehicles, a student must follow the following procedures.

  1. Obtain a vehicle request form, available from the Office of Student Involvement or from the Vice President of the Student Senate. All directions set forth on this form must be followed. All completed requests forms are submitted to the Vice President of the Student Senate at least two weeks before the event. The person who will be driving the vehicle must submit a copy of his or her valid driver’s license.
  2. The Club Advisor’s signature must appear on the reservation form.
  3. Only currently enrolled students and College employees with a valid driver’s license can drive the student activity vehicle.
  4. A student club or organization may be denied vehicle use, for a period not to exceed one year from the date of last use, if the vehicle is returned with any of the following problems:
    • If the vehicle is returned damaged other than normal wear and tear.
    • Interior and exterior of vehicle not cleaned before return.
    • Vehicle returned late without valid reason. Any vandalism, destruction, or damage to the vehicle.
    • Parking/Drivers ticketed while using the student activity vehicle.
    • Use of vehicle for other than the approved College activity. This can constitute a violation of the College’s Student Code of Conduct cited in the Student Handbook and may result in disciplinary action.
  5. All College policies and procedures are to be strictly adhered to when using the student activity vehicles. These may be in the Student Code of Conduct and the College catalog.