Financial Aid Refunds and Overpayments


If a student completely withdraws, officially or unofficially, that student’s Federal Title IV financial aid award will be recalculated. The award will be reduced based on the period of attendance. As a result, any student who withdraws completely, officially or unofficially, could owe money to the College, the Federal Aid Program (PELL or SOEG) or both.

If a student changes enrollment status, enrolls for fewer than six (6) credits, or withdraws during the tuition refund period, that student’s Stafford Loan exchange check will be returned directly to the lender.

A student’s financial aid award may be reduced and/or removed if the student changes enrollment status, enrolls for fewer than six (6) credits, withdraws during or after the tuition refund period, or never attends classes.


If a student officially or unofficially withdraws and has already received a financial aid disbursement of PELL or SOEG, the student may owe an overpayment to the Federal Aid Program. Student who owe an overpayment are not eligible for any additional Federal Title IV aid until the overpayment is repaid.

Students on financial aid who wish to withdraw from a course at any time after the semester begins should contact a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss how their financial aid eligibility might be affected for the current or future semesters.

Job Placement

Students who have received a College Work Study award must sign their award letters before they start working. After the award letters are signed, students report to the Job Placement Office to be assigned an on-campus job. Job Placement can not be guaranteed. If students are placed in a job, they may only work up to the dollar amount of the award.