Academic Grading System

Amended by the Board of Trustees of SUNY Rockland Community College on July 15, 2010. Late Withdrawal Appeals amended on January 21, 2021.

  1. P/F: Pass/Fail
  2. AU: Audit
  3. NA: Never Attended
  4. MP: Measurable Progress
  5. W: Withdrawal
  6. X Grade
  7. Late Withdrawal Appeals
  8. Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals
  9. Repeated Courses

Grades are assigned by the instructor as an evaluation of the level of achievement in a course:

Grade Quality Points Per Credit
A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D 1.0
F 0.0
NA 0.0
I 0.0

P/F: Pass/Fail

  • Students should consult with an academic advisor or the instructor since many degree programs, particularly in the Health Science or English Composition, do not permit students to select the P/F option for certain required courses.
  • A student may elect to utilize the Pass/Fail option towards a degree for a maximum of two (2) courses or eight (8) credits, excluding Skills Studies and Physical Education. A student cannot request a Pass/Fail grade for a course that would be intended for use as a prerequisite to another course.
  • A student must file the appropriate forms in the Records Office to Pass/Fail a course by the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes. The faculty will give a student timely and sufficient information about grades so that an informed decision can be made. Once these forms are filed, the student may not change his/her option.
  • A grade of P indicates performance at a level of D or better. A grade of F indicates a failure. A grade of P does not affect a student’s grade point average, but a grade of F is calculated into the student’s GPA, except for physical education or credit equivalent courses. Students should be aware that courses graded P/F may not be granted transfer credit by other colleges.

AU: Audit

To audit a course means to register, pay, and attend the class sessions, but not be responsible for written assignments or examinations and not receive a grade. A student registers to audit a course by submitting an approval request form to the Records Office by the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes. Once these forms are filed, the student may not change his/her option.

NA: Never Attended

An NA grade is issued by an instructor when a student has never attended the course but has failed to officially drop the course. An NA grade does not affect a student’s grade point average and may not be used as a basis for tuition refunds or appeals.

MP: Measurable Progress

An MP grade means sufficient progress has been made to ensure that the student will complete the requirements of the course within the subsequent semester. Students are required to re-register for the course.

W: Withdrawal

A W indicates official withdrawal from a course after the refund period has ended. Courses officially dropped during the refund period do not appear on the student’s transcript.

  • Students should first discuss the decision to withdraw with their instructor who may be able to assist in making alternative arrangements to complete the course.
  • Students may withdraw according to the deadlines published in the Schedule of Classes (generally from the beginning of the fourth week through the end of the ninth week of classes). These deadlines are adjusted for courses shorter than fifteen weeks.
  • Withdrawals must be filed officially as described in the Schedule of Classes and will appear as a W on the student’s transcript. Failure to officially withdraw can result in a failing grade.
  • A course grade of W may be issued by the faculty of record from the 10th through the 12th week of classes.

Drop/Withdrawal policy for an extended registration course (i.e non-semester bound Distance Learning course or Individualized Mentored Study) is as follows:

  • Students may drop the course within three weeks of registration without a grade appearing on the transcript.
  • Students may withdraw with the signature of their instructor from the course from the fourth week to the 15th week with a grade of W appearing on the transcript. The Records Office will not accept the drop/withdrawal without the instructor’s signature.
  • Students may not withdraw from the course after the 15th week.

X Grade

When tuition is refunded as a result of the tuition appeal process, the grade of X may be issued by the College to withdraw students from their classes, eliminating their financial obligation to the College while preserving the acknowledgment of their attendance.

Late Withdrawal Appeals

(withdrawals between weeks thirteen and fifteen)

All Late Withdrawal Appeals:

  • Must be submitted in writing to the Chief Academic Officer:
  • Must include supporting documentation indicating extenuating circumstances;
  • Include Late Withdrawal Request form and the College drop/add form;
  • Must be approved by the faculty of record;
  • Approval of a late withdrawal will result in a W (Withdrawal) on the student’s record, but no refund will be issued.

The Chief Academic Officer will not consider appeals that are not filed in compliance with these procedures or that are incomplete. Late Withdrawals will be granted for only the most serious of reasons. Reasons not listed on the Late Withdrawal Form, e.g. grade dissatisfaction, will not be considered. The decision of the Chief Academic Officer will be final.

Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals

(withdrawals after the last day of classes)

After the last day of classes, a student no longer can receive a late withdrawal. The student must apply to the appeal committee for a retroactive withdrawal that will withdraw the student from all classes. The student must:

  1. Complete the Retroactive Withdrawal Request Form, which can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, Technology Center Room 8141,
  2. Submit a personal statement explaining the circumstances surrounding the request for a retroactive withdrawal,
  3. Submit third party documentation supporting the statement

Repeated Courses

When a student repeats a course, only the higher grade is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average (GPA). If the same grade is earned both times, it is only counted once in the student’s average. Although only the higher grade is used to calculate the cumulative GPA, both grades appear on the official transcript.