Approved by the Board of Trustees of SUNY Rockland Community College on January 15, 2009

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee represents the role of the faculty in the development and maintenance of curriculum areas. “Curriculum” was used by the Committee’s founding members to refer to the totality of the academic experience – the roads students take through college. The Committee focuses on ensuring that these paths are smooth and lead to success.

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Manual of Procedures, which can be accessed through the College’s home page, is the guide used by the faculty to fulfill their role as developers and overseers of the College’s curricula. The Manual delineates standards and procedures for initiation of the following: new program proposals; new course proposals; degree changes; and cancellation and termination of programs. In keeping with the requirements of the State University of New York, program areas are reviewed on a regular basis according to an established schedule. Guidelines for program review are also cited in the Manual.