Fall Registration

Fall 2022 Registration Schedule

Fall 2022 registration is now open and advising is available for students.

New, first-time students should attend a New Student Orientation to finalize their pre-registered class schedule with an advisor.

Continuing students should reach out to their Faculty or Student Success Advisor. If you are unsure who to contact, please visit the Who is my Advisor page or send an email to [email protected] and they will guide you.

Walk-In Registration

RCC’s Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Team is here to help you register in-person. Our Departments are open and staff are available five days a week and select Saturdays (8/20 and 8/27) to assist students with all aspects of the registration process – no appointments are necessary! Visit our walk-in registration page for more information.

Haven’t applied yet?

Register in Self-Service Banner

Continuing students access the link to Self-Service Banner (SSB) in their myRCC portal.

See the Web Registration Instructions to learn how to search and register for classes in Self-Service Banner.

Newly accepted students for Fall 2022, visit the Registration for New Students page for more information. For personalized support, we also encourage you to attend one of our new student events to finish registering for classes, meet your classmates, complete those super tough financial aid applications, and most importantly have some fun!

Visiting Students*

  • Visiting students can view course offerings using this Self-Service Banner link and select Fall 2022 under Select a Term.
  • If you are a student attending a SUNY college or university please use the online SUNY cross-registration application found at https://www.suny.edu/crossregistration
  • For non-SUNY students or any student from a SUNY institution that does not participate in  cross-registration, please make sure your home school approves you taking the courses at RCC. Download your home school’s required form and email it along with the following documents to [email protected].
    • RCC Student Data Sheet & Registration Form
    • Your Home School’s College Transcript (unofficial version is acceptable)
    • Picture ID
    • Once Records has entered your Student Data Sheet, you will receive additional correspondence on how to register through Banner Self-Service.

*For visiting students, check with your four-year college to ensure that they accept RCC courses and will give you appropriate credit. If you have questions contact Records & Registration at 845-574-4328 or [email protected]. If necessary, contact RCC’s Academic Affairs at 845-574-4308 to request a detailed course description or Learning Activity Proposal (LAP).

How will courses be taught in the Fall?

RCC is offering both in-person and remote learning so that you can build a schedule that fits your needs. Please review the definitions below so you understand the instructional method being used in each of your courses.

In-Person Courses

  • In-person courses will be designated with a building and room number. Some in-person courses may rotate attendance in the classroom; your instructor will describe the details of this type of attendance. Course capacities have been reduced for in-person courses and social distancing rules will be maintained.

Remote and Online Courses

  • Remote and online courses are either Synchronous or Asynchronous. These designations are noted in Self Service in the Meeting Times column on each course record. Please note that the columns in the course record can be expanded by hovering your mouse over the column separator and pulling the column wider to fully expose all the text.
    • Synchronous means that there are routine course meeting times where class activities are conducted through a virtual platform. In Self Service, courses labeled Remote Learning are generally synchronous courses. In addition, some Online-Blackboard and Online-Collaborate courses are synchronous. Look for calendar days and times – – these are indicators that the course has designated, routine meeting times.
      screenshot of meeting time column with days highlighted indicating synchronous
    • Asynchronous means that there is no standard, routine course meeting times. In Self Service, many courses labeled Online-Blackboard are asynchronous. If no calendar days and times are indicated, then the course is asynchronous.
      screenshot of meeting time column with no days highlighted indicating asynchronous

Full Semester and Flex Start

To determine if a class is for the full semester or one of the flex start sessions, expand the meeting times column by dragging the right side of the column header until you can see the start date and end date.

Screenshot of meeting times with full semester dates underlined

  • Full semester courses have a start date of 9/1/2022 and end date of 12/21/2022
  • Flex Start 1 courses have a start date of 9/1/2022 and end date of 10/23/2022
  • Flex Start 2 courses have a start date of 10/31/2022 and end date of 12/21/2022

Fall 2022 Academic Calendar

Fall 2022: September 1 – December 22
Monday, April 18Opening for Fall 2022 Registration
Thursday, August 11Fall 2022 Payment Due Date
Wednesday, August 31Last Day for 100% Refund for Fall 2022 and Flex Start 1 Classes
Thursday, September 1Fall 2022 and Flex Start 1 Classes Begin
Last Day to Add a Class for Flex Start 1
Monday, September 5College Closed (Labor Day)
Wednesday, September 7Last Day for 75% Refund for Fall 2022 Classes
Last Day for 25% Refund for Flex Start 1 Classes
Last Day to Add a Class for Fall 2022
Wednesday, September 14Last Day for 50% Refund for Fall 2022 Classes
Wednesday, September 21Last Day for 25% Refund for Fall 2022 Classes
Last Day to Drop Without a Grade for Fall 2022 Classes
Last Day to Submit a Curriculum Change for Fall 2022
Friday, September 23Last Day to Drop with a “W” Grade for Flex Start 1 Classes
Last Day to Request a Pass/Fail or Audit Grade for Flex Start 1 Classes
Tuesday, October 4 –
Wednesday, October 5
No Classes, Offices Open (Yom Kippur)
Monday, October 10Classes in Session on Columbus Day, Offices Open
Sunday, October 23Flex Start 1 Classes End
Thursday, October 27Friday Class Schedule (Day and Evening)
Sunday, October 30Last Day for 100% Refund for Flex Start 2 Classes
Monday, October 31Flex Start 2 Classes Begin
Last Day to Add a Class for Flex Start 2
Monday, November 7Last Day to Withdraw with a “W” grade for Fall 2022 Classes
Last Day to Request Pass/Fail or Audit Grade for Fall 2022 Classes
Last Day to Finish an Incomplete Grade From Spring and Summer 2022
Friday, November 11College Closed (Veteran’s Day)
Sunday, November 20Last Day to Withdraw with a “W” grade for Flex Start 2 Classes
Last Day to request Pass/Fail or Audit grade for Flex Start 2 Classes
Thursday, Nov. 24 –
Sunday, Nov. 27
College Closed (Thanksgiving)
Thursday, December 22Fall 2022 and Flex Start 2 Classes End