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College Steps is a nonprofit that has partnered with Rockland Community College. College Steps provides customized college support for students with learning and social challenges such as learning disabilities, autism, and executive functioning deficits.

What We Do

College Steps provides personalized college support for students with learning and social challenges. Our student-centered support utilizes peer mentoring and multidisciplinary collaboration on campus.

How We Work

Our structured educational support model emphasizes thorough planning and thoughtful action. Along with our expert team, student mentors are at the center of our approach.

About College Steps


College Steps’ model is founded on a holistic, student-centered approach to learning. Our model enables a personalized experience that engages our team, the student, the family, and the community support network to identify areas of strength, need, and customized support for success in post-secondary life. We recognize that, for many students, the need for individualized academic and social support is essential to a successful transition to college and beyond. Each Individualized College Plan (ICP) serves as a road map, outlining areas of need and tracking progress throughout the student’s college experience.

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