Testing Center Code of Conduct

1. Identification

Official photo identification such as a current RCC photo ID or a driver’s license is required.

2. Testing Materials

No books, notes, notebooks, or other materials are allowed during testing unless listed on the instructions given to the proctor by the professor. If a student has materials not specifically permitted by the instructor, the proctor will collect the materials and end the testing session, and the incident will be reported to the instructor. The student is responsible for bringing pencils and other needed materials. Scratch paper will be provided by the proctor and must be turned in with the test. Calculators will be provided by Testing Center personnel. Students may not use their own calculators unless a scientific calculator is required.

3. Scheduling

Once a test is handed to the student, it must be completed at that time, in one sitting. Testing Center hours are posted. It is the student’s responsibility to allow enough time to complete the test. Absolutely no communication with anyone other than Testing Center personnel is allowed.

The student may discuss the test name/type and instructions with the proctor. Once the testing session begins and the student is provided access to the test, the student will not be allowed to change tests or stop the session. Once the student sees a test, it will be marked a completed test.

4. Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones and other devices is strictly forbidden. Please do not bring them into the testing room. Students who do must leave them in the designated area at the front of the room. All devices must be completely turned off and may not be accessed for any reason. If a device is discovered on the student’s person or at the seat, the testing session will end and the test will be collected. This will be strictly enforced.

Failure to follow Testing Center Policy or Test Center personnel instructions will be reported to the instructor and may be treated as an act of academic dishonesty. For more information, please consult the Student Code of Conduct, Section II – Academic Dishonesty.