All tests of the College Level Examination Program are administered by Placement and Assessment, Tech Center, 2nd floor, Room 8280. The office is in Room 8280A. See dates below:

Upcoming CLEP dates TBD

How to Sign Up

Students can take any of the 34 CLEP exams at home. At-home exams will contain the same questions, format, and timing as exams taken at a CLEP test center.

To register, students must log in to the CLEP My Account Registration Portal and follow the steps to sign up for a CLEP exam. When they reach the Preferred Test Center section, students can select at home with remote proctoring as their preferred test center and will be charged a $30 remote proctoring fee at checkout along with the $89 exam fee.

If students need accommodations for their at-home exam, they must first receive
approval from College Board to complete their registration. To submit a request,
students must complete this form.

After registration is complete, the student will receive a confirmation email from
CLEP with instructions on how to create an account and schedule their at-home
exam appointment with Proctortrack.

At-Home CLEP Exam Requirements


To be eligible for remote proctoring, students must be:

  • 13 years old or older and located in the U.S.OR
  • DANTES-funded*

*Please note DANTES-funded candidates can register now for remote-proctored exams but won’t be able to schedule their at-home exam
appointment until mid-May. If a DANTES-funded test taker needs to take their exam before mid-May, we recommend they schedule their exam with a CLEP test center.

Equipment and Environment

Students must have a PC computer or laptop (no Macs), an internal/external speaker and microphone, a camera, and, if taking notes during the exam, a white board with a dry erase marker or one transparent sheet protector with a dry erase marker. They must also be alone in a private room.

View the detailed list of requirements.

To learn more, visit the At-Home CLEP Exams page.

Information and Registration

CLEP Informational Video
Online study resources

CLEP® are nationally standardized credit-by-exam tests recognized by most institutions of higher education across the nation.

Subject Exams

Composition and Literature
ExaminationCredit-Granting ScoreCourse EquivalentCredits
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature w/Essay57 & “P” by Dept.ENG 102003
College Composition (Essay typed)57ENG 101003
ExaminationCredit-Granting ScoreCourse EquivalentCredits
Financial Accounting50ACC 101004
60ACC 10100, 102008
Business Law, Introductory50BUS 203003
Management, Principles of50MGT 150003
Marketing, Principles of50MKT 201003
Foreign Languages
ExaminationCredit-Granting ScoreCourse EquivalentCredits
French Language: Levels 1 and 258FRE 201004
63FRE 20100, 202008
German Language: Levels 1 and 258GER 201004
63GER 20100, 202008
Spanish with Writing: Levels 1 and 258SPA 201004
63SPA 20100, 202008
Science and Mathematics
ExaminationCredit-Granting ScoreCourse EquivalentCredits
Calculus50MAT 203004
College Algebra50MAT 134003
College Mathematics50MAT 103003
Pre-Calculus50MAT 135004
Natural Science58SCI 101003
Social Sciences and History
ExaminationCredit-Granting ScoreCourse EquivalentCredits
American Government50POL 101003
History of the U.S. I:
Early Colonizations to 1877
50HIS 201003
History of the U.S. II:
1865 to Present
50HIS 202003
Human Growth and Development50PSY 203003
Macroeconomics, Principles of50ECO 202003
Microeconomics, Principles of50ECO 201003
Psychology, Introductory53PSY 103003
Sociology, Introductory50SOC 100003
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 164850HIS 101003
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present50HIS 102003

For RCC students

  • Consult with your counselor or advisor to ensure that the test supports your degree plan.
  • See the dropdown section above on CLEP credits granted and RCC equivalents
  • The qualifying scores and number of credits granted are determined by the individual academic disciplines
  • Students with testing accommodations who would like to use their accommodations to take a CLEP test must speak with the Accessibility Services prior to scheduling a test date.

Other colleges set their own policies regarding CLEP® exams and credits granted. Contact your admissions officer or academic advisor to learn their CLEP® policy.

  1. All tests are given in Room 8280 of the Technology Center
  2. Cell phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed!

PLEASE NOTE: Please call our office before reserving your test date if you are planning to take a language exam.

Scheduling a CLEP Test at Our Center

  1. Complete the CLEP Reserve a Date form. If taking several tests, you may copy the registration form for each test. Receipt of the forms at least two weeks prior to the test would be greatly appreciated. Availability of space cannot be guaranteed if the registration form is not received on time.
  2. Registration Fee must be paid in advance in order to reserve a testing spot.
    • Personal checks or cash are not accepted. Please send one non-refundable $30.00 money order per test payable to the RCC Association along with Reserve a Date form to:
      Rockland Community College
      Placement and Assessment
      Technology Center Room 8280A
      145 College Road
      Suffern, NY 10901
    • The $30 fee is waived for current or former SUNY Rockland students who are veterans, on active duty, Reservists, or otherwise affiliated with the military. Spouses and dependents are also waived. Please bring your military ID, DD214, or another form of military documentation with you to the test as verification.

Optional Essays

Several exams (American Literature, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition Modular, and English Literature) have optional essays that accompany the multiple choice exam. You must check with your school to find out if the optional essay is required. The essays are required for SUNY Rockland students. If you are an RCC student and will be taking the Spanish CLEP, please register for the exam that indicates Spanish with Writing. As of May 1, 2023, RCC students must take the essay component for the Spanish CLEP to receive the transfer credits.

The College Composition Modular test is 70 minutes and the other three tests are 90 minutes long.

Register and Pay for CLEP Prior to Test Day

CLEP® exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the My Account portal at

Test takers must bring:

  • One form of valid and current government-issued identification and must contain a photograph and a signature. The name listed on your ID must exactly match the name printed on the ticket.
  • The CLEP Exam Registration Ticket.
  • Headphones if taking a CLEP world language exam.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Passport with name, photograph and signature
  • Driver’s license with name, photograph and signature
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photograph and signature
  • National ID with name, photograph and signature
  • Tribal ID card with name, photograph and signature
  • A naturalization card or certificate or citizenship with name, photograph and signature
  • Military ID with name, photograph and signature
  • A Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) with name, photograph and signature

Please call our office at 845-574-4288 or 845-574-4525 if you have any further questions.

Look for these CLEP® test prep materials available through public libraries and bookstores:

  1. The Best Test Preparation CLEP Book
  2. Name of Exam The Easy Way
  3. The College Board CLEP Official Study Guide
  4. How to Prepare for the CLEP Exam
  5. Barron’s CLEP Study Guide
  6. CLEP E-books for digital devices (RCC Library)
  8. Modern States – Free preparation course with a free CLEP voucher after completion of course