Placement Policies

English Placement Policies

The English assessment consists of Accuplacer Next-Generation Reading and the Writeplacer essay on a given topic. The basic college level English courses is ENG 101.

Matriculating students are required to

  • Enroll in their assigned English placement course during their first semester at RCC
  • Enroll in ENG 101 in the semester immediately following successful completion of any required pre-ENG 101 courses.

Students in credit-bearing certificate programs

  • Must take the English assessment test even when there are no English courses required in the program.
  • To graduate and receive their certificate, students must be assessed at the level of ENG 101, or receive a passing grade in all required pre-ENG 101 courses.

Non-matriculated students

  • must take the English placement exam after completing 16 credits unless they are granted an exemption

Placement below ENG 101

  • May prevent you from taking other academic courses before building your skills in reading and writing

For international students and others for whom English is not their first language

  • Complete ENG 101- International successfully and then register for ENG 102 – International

Math Placement Policies

Math assessment includes Accuplacer Next-Generation Arithmetic, Advanced algebra and functions, and Quantitative Reasoning, algebra, statistics. Matriculating students are encouraged to enroll in math course at their assessed level as early as possible.

Matriculated students enrolled in any credit-bearing program at RCC

  • Must take the math assessment, even if no math credits are required for the degree or certificate.
  • To graduate RCC, students must be assessed at the level of MAT 101/048, or higher.

Non-matriculated students must take the math placement

  • Before registering for any math course at RCC
  • Before taking any course that requires MAT 101 as a prerequisite, unless granted an exemption