Placement Request to Retest

Retest Policy

Students may retake English and/or math placement tests one time per semester. The recommended waiting time for a retest is two weeks after the initial test date, but a student may choose to retest after a minimum of 48 hours. The student must request and retest before the last day to add classes of the given semester closes. Placement and Assessment strongly encourages all students retesting to prepare by visiting websites designed to help with test preparation. To find out more information about study resources, please visit the following link: Placement Practice and Test-Taking Tips.

Students who wish to retest please click on the link below to submit your request for a retest.  Placement and Assessment will review your request and mail to your home address a retest permit letter.

If you are applying for the 24-Credit Hour HSE (GED) program you must contact Admissions to request a retest.

Request to Retest Form