How to Apply as an International Student

Applying to RCC Is Simple!

Application Deadline

RCC is rolling admission and accepts students throughout the year. However, for those students outside the U.S. and needing to apply for an F-1 visa, we ask that applications are submitted by NO LATER THAN the following dates for each semester to help ensure that you have enough time to obtain an F1 student visa. Start dates for each semester are not flexible and it is your responsibility to ensure that you report to the College by International Orientation.

Fall Semester (September)July 1 (outside US)
August 20 (in US)
Spring Semester (January)December 1 (outside US)
January 15 (in US)
Summer Semester* (June)
*only available to international students currently studying in the U.S.
May 1

International Student Application Requirements:

All applicants must apply online.

Find out what degrees & certificates are offered at RCC!

NOTE: Nursing and Occupational Therapy applicants will all be admitted to the College as Undecided within the School of Nursing, Health and Wellness. Additional application requirements must be submitted to be admitted directly to these programs.

All foreign transcripts, secondary and post-secondary, are to be evaluated by an accredited evaluation service. A general analysis is needed for high school (no GPA required.) A course-by-course evaluation is needed for university credits if you wish to receive transfer credit. Students may submit evaluations through one of the following options:

  • IFCS – RCC applicants can use the code DISNY to receive a discount on their evaluation
  • Any NACES accredited credential service

English Proficiency Requirements for F-1 Students

Please note, most English proficiency exams listed below will also allow students to meet the English placement requirement at the College. Those that are exempted from submitting proof of English proficiency for admission may still be required to take the English placement exam. Please visit our Placement page for more information.

English Speaking Countries

Applicants who have been educated in certain countries where English is the main language will be exempt from submitting proof of English proficiency.

List of English Speaking Countries Waived from Proof of English Proficiency (PDF)

For those applicants applying from a country that is not exempt,
you are required to meet our English proficiency with at least ONE of the following:

English Proficiency Tests Accepted

All tests must be no older than 2 years old and must be sent directly from the testing service.

RCC Multiple Measures ESL/ESA Test Scores

RCC Multiple Measures ESL/ESA Test Scores Chart

Review of High School or University Curriculum

  • Review of English courses completed in high school or secondary school in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, English-Speaking Caribbean or foreign high school where the primary language of instruction is English.*
  • Review of English composition or ESL courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S.*
  • Completion of GCE O-Level or IGCSE English as a First Language with “C” mark or better
  • Completion of IB English SL or HL level.

*Subject to review by international admissions team upon submission of international admission application and copy of transcript.

English Language School Attendees

  • EF Language School:
    Students who attended EF Language School and pass with a B1 English level will be waived from submitting proof of English proficiency
  • Applicants who have attended an academic intensive English program in the US may be waived from submitting an English proficiency exam. Review of these will be done on a case by case basis at this time.

Financial documents must show a balance of $21,100 USD. Please note that these expenses are only estimates and may vary depending on where the student lives and which courses the student enrolls in. Amounts are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and Fees (Two Terms): $5,500
Room and Board (meals): $12,100
Other (Books, Transportation, Health Insurance): $3,500
TOTAL: $21,100 USD

DEPENDENTS – You must show additional funds for each dependent (spouse/child) that will be needing a form I-20
Spouse: $5,000
Child: $3,000

Your proof of funding documents will depend on sponsor type.

  1. Personal or Family Sponsor:
    1. Bank statements for each sponsor showing at least 6 months of balances and activity. A letter from the bank or a single balance statement IS NOT sufficient.
    2. Agreement of Financial Support from each sponsor, containing the name of the source, the amount available for each year of study, the duration of the support, and supporting financial documentation to verify the ability to pay.
    3. If you are living with a relative, friend, or other type of sponsor and receiving free housing and meals, please have them complete an Agreement of Free Room & Board. Your sponsor must attach required supporting evidence in the form of a deed, lease, rental agreement or current property tax or utilities bill to prove the sponsor owns or rents the property. With submission of this form, additional proof of funding should only include “Tuition and Fees” and “Other” expenses.
  2. Business funds:
    1. If you are receiving funds from a business account, you must provide the business registration, which states the name(s) of the business owner(s).
    2. Also provide a Profit/Loss statement, usually included in the business tax documents.
  3. Scholarships:
    If you are receiving a scholarship, please provide a letter from that source stating the amount awarded to you and the duration of support. (Please note that RCC is not a funding source for international students and does not provide initial students with scholarships.)
  4. Government or Employer Sponsor:
    If you are receiving funding from a government or employer, please provide a letter from that source stating the amount awarded to you and the duration of support.
  5. Loans:
    Official letter from credit institution indicating approval of loan and amount approved. Please notify your international admissions counselor if you need help seeking a loan.

Copy of passport information page

F1 visa students are required to take in person courses. Please review the on-campus vaccination guidelines to prepare for this step.

Please email us at [email protected] regarding any questions on course registration requirements.

It is also recommended to read the Center for Disease Control travel requirements prior to your arrival in the US.

If transferring to RCC from another school in the U.S., we will also need the following from you:

  • Copies of visa and current I-20 form
  • Transcripts from current school, when available. *Not required for students transferring from an English language school
  • SEVIS Transfer-In Form, completed by yourself and your current international student adviser. This can be submitted after admission.

Our office reserves the right to request an evaluation of all foreign education credentials in order to verify documentation if deemed necessary.

Documents can be sent by email to:
[email protected]

or by mail to:
Rockland Community College
International Student Services
145 College Road
Suffern, NY 10901, USA

*Any transcripts and/or completion certificates sent by email or submitted as unofficial copies are acceptable for admission purposes only. Students must submit official copies upon arrival at the College.

Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant Applicants

All students who apply to either our AS Nursing or AAS Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) programs are admitted to the College as Undecided in the School of Nursing, Health and Wellness for at least one semester (students inside the U.S. already may be eligible for direct admission starting from their first semester if they can meet all admission requirements for the programs.) Both programs have separate admission requirements that students must complete while studying here to be admitted fully into the programs.

Diversity Matters

Rockland Community College is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for its international students. In this video panel, international students shared their experiences and perspectives on the pursuit of equal treatment, intersectionality, and the campus climate at RCC. The College is dedicated to supporting its international student population and fostering a community that celebrates diversity and promotes equality.