Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Go to school without going hungry. Get SNAP.

Do you have enough to eat?

Many students don’t have enough money to buy the food they need each day. If you are struggling with hunger, learn if you can get SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


To be eligible for SNAP benefits, students must meet income eligibility requirements and must also meet one of the following exemptions:

To participate in SNAP, a student, in college at least half time, must meet the income eligibility for SNAP and one of the following criteria:

  • Be employed for an average of 20 hours per week and be paid for such employment or, if self-employed, be employed for an average of 20 hours per week and receive weekly earnings at least equal to the Federal minimum wage multiplied by 20 hours.
  • Participate in a State or Federally financed work-study program during the regular school year.
  • Provide more than half the physical care for one or more dependent household members under the age of six or provide more than half the physical care of a dependent household member who has reached the age of six but is under the age of 12 where adequate child care is not available.
  • Enrolled full-time in an institution of higher education and is a single parent with responsibility for the care of a dependent child under age 12.
  • Receive benefits from Family Assistance (FA) or federally-funded Safety Net Assistance (SNA).
  • Receive Unemployment Benefits (UIB).
  • Attend a SUNY or CUNY comprehensive college, a technology college, or a community college and are enrolled in a qualified career and technical education program.
  • Attend any of the 10 Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) in New York State and are enrolled in a career and technical education program, remedial course, basic adult education, literacy, or English as a second language.

The following programs offered at Rockland Community College are considered “qualified career and technical education programs” for the purposes of SNAP eligibility:

  • Accounting 5002, A.A.S.
  • Accounting 5002, A.S.
  • Automotive Technology 5306, A.A.S.
  • Business Administration 5004, A.A.S.
  • Business Administration 5004, A.S.
  • Communication Media Arts 5008, A.A.
  • Computer Information Systems 5103, A.S.
  • Computer Support Specialist 5104, A.A.S.
  • Corporate & Homeland Security 5505, A.S.
  • Criminal Justice 5505, A.S.
  • Culinary Arts 5404, CERT
  • Cyber Security 5199, A.A.S.
  • Early Childhood Development 5503, CERT
  • Entrepreneurship 5004, CERT
  • Entrepreneurship 5004, A.A.S.
  • Entrepreneurship 5004, A.S.
  • Environmental Science 5499, A.S.
  • Graphic Design 5012, A.A.S.
  • Healthcare Science 5299, A.S.
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts 5010, A.A.S.
  • Human Performance Studies 5299, A.S.
  • International Business 5099, A.S.
  • Legal Studies 5099, A.A.S.
  • Marketing 5004, A.A.S.
  • Marketing 5004, A.S.
  • Nursing 5208, A.S.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant 5210, A.A.S.
  • Office Technologies 5005, A.A.S.
  • Office Technologies 5005, CERT
  • Paralegal Studies 5099, CERT
  • Photography 5007, A.S.

Application Process

To support students who need help with accessing healthy food and facilitate this new eligibility, RCC’s Records and Registration Office will review enrollment information and assist potentially eligible students to complete the SNAP Student Verification of Enrollment Form (LDSS-5172). This form can be completed and emailed, faxed, mailed or brought in-person to the Records and Registration Office. Email all completed SNAP Verification forms to [email protected].

Please note: RCC does not determine a student’s eligibility for SNAP benefits. The determination of eligibility is made by the County Department of Social Services. For more information on SNAP eligibility see

Students must submit the completed, certified LDSS-5172 Form to their County Department of Social Services along with the SNAP application.

The Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) can help you learn if you may be eligible for SNAP and can help you complete and submit your application. NOEP services are available by phone, email, or online. It is free and confidential.

For more information, contact The Connection Center[email protected] or call 845-574-4414.

Additional Resources

Pre-pandemic data from the SUNY Food Insecurity Taskforce showed that between 40 percent and 50 percent of students faced issues of hunger. In addition, economic analysts have identified the cost of food has gone up nearly 10 percent in the past 12 months, which has further affected students facing issues of food insecurity. While we should make every effort to ensure eligible students have access to SNAP, we would also like to share a list of food insecurity resources at

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