Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Initiatives

Public Safety has developed a number of initiatives and strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime on campus. The initiatives are ever-changing to meet the needs of the community and the nature of incidents on campus. Here are just a few of our initiatives:

Security Escort Program

This program ensures that all members of the College community can walk the campus as safely as possible and do not have to walk alone. Public Safety assigns a Public Safety Officer or a Student Patrol Officer to escort any person who requests it. The department provides the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Student Patrol officer is equipped with a portable radio for direct communication with Public Safety officers and the Public Safety Dispatch Desk.

Mountain Bike Program

Public Safety officers who have completed the Police Mountain Bike School patrol the campus on state-of-the-art, specially equipped mountain bikes. Bike Patrol officers can respond quicker, as well as patrol areas that cannot be patrolled by vehicles. They are also environmentally friendly.

Campus Alert System

The Campus Alert System is designed to ensure that members of the campus community are notified of any incidents that occur on campus or the surrounding neighborhood that jeopardize their safety and security. The department distributes Campus Alerts via fax, fliers and campus-wide e-mail.

Personal Safety Precautions

The following tips are designed to increase your awareness of personal safety and to encourage you to think ahead about how you would react if assaulted:

  • Be alert to your surroundings
    • Know your route and stay in well-lighted areas. Walk confidently.
    • Walk with other people whenever possible.
    • If you are walking alone, don’t use headphones; they distract you and prevent you from being alert.
    • Consider carrying a whistle on your key chain and use it if you find yourself in danger.
    • Know the locations of blue light or emergency telephones.
  • If you travel by car
    • Keep your car locked, while you are driving and when it is parked.
    • When returning to your car, do so with your keys in your hand.
    • Check the back seat before you get in.
    • After you get in, re-lock the car immediately and keep the windows up.
    • Do not stop to assist stalled drivers. Drive on and call the police.
    • Do not accept assistance if your car is stalled. Tell anyone who offers help to call the police.
    • Do not pick up hitchhikers.
  • If you travel by bus
    • Go to the bus stop with other people whenever possible, particularly at night.
    • Don’t accept rides from strangers.
  • If you feel you are being followed
    • Walk to the nearest occupied or well-lighted building, not to your car or a bus stop. If on campus, contact Public Safety for assistance; if off-campus, call the police. Note the appearance of the person or persons; note the license plate number of the car. Your personal safety should come before the security of belongings, such as books, bags, etc. When in doubt, leave them behind.
  • If you feel threatened
    • Shout “Leave me alone.” Others may hear you and/or the potential criminal may be frightened away.
    • Trust your instincts. If you feel in danger, you probably are; don’t be embarrassed to seek assistance.
  • If you are at home
    • Keep the doors and windows locked.
    • Ask repair, service or delivery persons for identification or have them wait outside while you call to verify their employment.
  • Learn to defend yourself.