Fire Safety

All campus buildings are protected with a central alarm system, which is located in Public Safety. In addition to pull stations to report a fire, all buildings have smoke and heat detectors for early detection of a fire condition. Localized alarms sound in all buildings, and response by campus Public Safety, the Sheriff’s Department and the Tallman Fire Department is immediate. Fire extinguishers are placed in prominent locations throughout the campus.

Fire Drills

Fire drills in all buildings are scheduled regularly, in accordance with National Fire Protection Association and local fire safety codes. Fire drills are for training purposes, so that occupants know the sound of the alarms and become aware of exit locations. It is imperative that all members of the campus community take fire drills seriously and react accordingly when the alarm sounds.

It is important that members of the campus community:

  • Learn the location of fire exits
  • Do not tamper with or damage fire safety equipment
  • Do not assume that an alarm is a fire drill or false alarm
  • Do not congregate in or near walkways or roadways that lead to the building as this may impede emergency response personnel

Do not return to the building until directed to do so.