Credit Microcredentials

Credit Microcredentials

Microcredentials will be issued to students upon successful completion of coursework and who meet the minimum grade proficiency identified on the webpage for the microcredential. The student is required to complete a Verification Form upon completion of the courses required to meet the microcredential. The Academic and Career Strategies Department will verify all requirements are met for the microcredential or education badge and then a digital badge will be issued. Digital badges will only be awarded to students who are in good standing at the College.

We offer several degrees with stackable microcredentials and skills badges embedded in the degree/certificate.

Step 1: Getting Started Is Easy

If you want to earn a microcredential only, complete the Student Data Form. Search for the course(s) required (select term and then search for desired classes) and input under Course Information on the Student Data Form. (Students may register for more than one course if pre-requisites are met.)

If you plan to earn a degree or certificate and a microcredential and have not applied to the College, apply here. See the Web Registration Instructions to register for classes.

If you are a current or continuing student, you can register for courses in Self Service Banner in your myRCC portal. See the Web Registration Instructions to learn how to search and register for classes in Self-Service Banner.

Refer to the tuition and course fees page to determine the cost of your courses.

Financial Aid

In anticipation that RCC’s microcredentials will be eligible for New York State aid, students should complete the FAFSA and TAP applications. For assistance in completing these online applications, please contact [email protected].

Step 2: Complete the Microcredential and Skills Badge Intent Form

Complete the Intent Form and select the microcredential and/or skills badge(s) you intend to complete. This information will be used to verify attainment of the microcredential and skills badges after completion of the requirements listed on the microcredential.

Step 3: Complete the Microcredential Verification Form

Upon completion of the required courses for the microcredential or a skills badge, complete the Microcredential Verification Form

Microcredentials open the door to earn one of our degrees or certificates. Students may utilize the courses passed in a microcredential toward a degree program pending the courses apply to the degree program selected.