Sports Nutrition Specialist microcredential badge

This program is geared towards those who are Fitness Trainers and would like to expand their expertise in fitness and sport to become a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. It is essential for Fitness Trainers to understand the importance of nutrition when it comes to devising an exercise program. The Sports Nutrition Specialist would be able to assess a client’s diet and set up nutritional goals to assist in their conditioning programs.

Courses Required

Human Nutrition Science skills badge

This course is designed to study the relationship of nutrition to health. It includes an analysis of nutrient functions, metabolism and requirements through the life cycle, essentials of an adequate diet and problems of nutritional origin affecting world populations. An explanation of the scientific method, its application and concepts, and data collection as it applies to nutrition will be explored.

Community Health and Wellness skills badge

This course examines issues related to individual health and wellness. Discussions will include the dimensions of wellness, importance of exercise, healthy nutrition, stress management and the prevention of chronic diseases. Throughout the course, the student will learn effective strategies to overcome obstacles to behavior change, as well as making healthier lifestyle choices.

Nutrition and Sports Performance skills badge

This course will explore the relationship among essential nutrients, energy metabolism and optimal sports performance. Discussions will focus on sensible daily eating plans necessary for physical activity and how choosing the right nutrients will facilitate the repair and rebuilding process following physical activity.

Sports Nutrition Certification skills badge

This credential includes passing the Sports Nutrition certification exam accredited by the National Council on Strength and Fitness.  The certification exam is offered at the RCC Suffern Campus.  Students must download the digital certificate and submit the original certificate to the Records Office to be eligible for the microcredential.

Pre-requisite(s): None

Method(s) of delivery: Asynchronous, Virtual, In-person

Credit or Non-credit:  Credit

Minimum Grade Proficiency: B-

Minimum Sports Nutrition Certification Proficiency:  Must achieve 70% passing rate on exam (Non-credit)

(Grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Students who meet the grade proficiency are eligible to earn the microcredential. If a grade is earned below the proficiency level, the course grade cannot be used toward the microcredential, but is eligible for graduation requirements.)

Credits Earned Upon Completion:  9

Student Outcomes

  • Advanced dietary assessment
  • Goal specific macro- and micro-nutrient distribution
  • Relevant differences between protein, carbs & fat type
  • Facts behind popular diets and media buzz
  • The newest guidelines for health, performance and competition
  • Pass Sports Nutrition Certification (Accredited by: National Council on Strength and Fitness)


  • Dietary analysis for effective recommendations
  • Instruction in helping others read and understand food labeling
  • Instruction in behavior modification for weight loss and lean mass gain
  • Nutrition coaching for sport and fitness competitors

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