Interactive Design and Digital Arts microcredential badgeAnimator jobs are expected to grow by 16% and digital designer jobs by 13% through 2030. Learners will create designs and interactive experiences using current industry software and apps, along with Adobe software to begin a career in the visual communication field or further enhance their current employment opportunities. Participants will gain specialized knowledge and skills using the Adobe Creative Suite to prepare for Adobe certifications. Artists can find jobs in the fields of UX/UI, motion graphics, social media marketing, advertising, branding, game design, and more, across the globe.

Courses Required

Digital art is an essential part of our world. From animation to fine arts to graphic design and film and photography, anyone planning to work in visual communication needs digital art skills and a critical eye for what is effective. Using a variety of contemporary and industry standard software, students will complete assignments and projects that include illustrations, animations, photo editing, and design while they develop a critical eye for what is effective and visually engaging.

Creating a constructed image is a vastly different process than capturing an image with a camera. Using digital illustration and photo editing tools along with contemporary software, students will create innovative and engaging visual communication.

Movies, advertising, mobile apps, product design, games info-graphics, and more! We engage with motion graphics everywhere we turn. Learn the tools and techniques to create motion graphics using industry standard software. Learn how to create a new animation from start to finish. Learn how to use a timeline and incorporate images, type, video, audio and special effects. Learn how to use presets to create visually engaging and compelling motion graphics.

Pre-requisite(s): ART 19500 pre-requisite to ART 27700 and ART 17300

Method(s) of delivery: Online, in-person

Credit or Non-credit:  Credit

Minimum Grade Proficiency: B-

(Grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Students who meet the grade proficiency are eligible to earn the microcredential. If a grade is earned below the proficiency level, the course grade cannot be used toward the microcredential, but is eligible for graduation requirements.)

Credits Earned Upon Completion:  9

Student Outcomes

  • Identify current developments in digital arts
  • Recognize the meaning of basic digital art and typographic vocabulary
  • Apply essential tools and functions in digital image editing, illustration, and animation software to create original images, animations, and compelling interactive experiences
  • Recognize and apply the basic theories, techniques and production practices of 2D Animation
  • Create and implement an animation from concept to storyboards to final movie
  • Analyze artwork and develop critical skills needed for improvement
  • Prepare files for print and online use
  • Create a portfolio of work


  • Digital design and Illustration, Photo editing and composition, Layout, Typography, 2D Animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects
  • Online apps including but not limited to InVision and Behance

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